We’re Famous, Ya’ll!

Haiti Featured in the News

10014-6840-bugs_bunnyI received a phone call a few days ago from a journalist who works for the Sampson Independent newspaper in Clinton, NC. He wanted to interview me concerning our life and work in Haiti since I was born in Clinton and grew up outside the small town. I didn’t realize that it was posted today until I saw a friend had put the link on her Facebook page. No, we’re not famous, but you might enjoy reading the interview and sharing it with others. Thanks, Chase Jordan, for writing this article.


Impact Church


Pastor Nelson & Vicky Hopkins

We had a great time at Impact Church in Morehead City on Sunday. Thanks Pastor Nelson and Vicky Hopkins for having us. We always enjoy your fellowship and the opportunity to share about what’s going on in Haiti. Thanks for also being partners with Rehoboth Ministries. Check out their link here and be sure to read their blog. Nelson and Vicky have been through many trials of their own and are seasoned prayer warriors. If you live around Morehead   City  or are just passing through, you need to stop by and visit their church. You’ll feel right at home!

School’s Back In Session


Teachers’ Training at the Petite-Anse Compound

Imagine coming to school and sitting on roughly hewn benches in intense heat where there are no ceiling fans, let alone air conditioning. Such are the conditions that our children meet together in five days a week. But, that’s ok. They know they’ll get a hot meal before they return home and it’ll be all worth it. Our schools are back up and running which means LOTS of kids and controlled madness. You’d have to see it to believe it.

 Our teachers have already gotten a head start on the year by meeting together for a special day of training and formation. Even though they train in the rudest surroundings, our teachers are very dedicated to their work and to the children that come to our schools. Hats off to Pastor Délinx Joseph and to all our other leaders who labor tirelessly to mold young lives to impact the future of Haiti. This is the motto of Rehoboth Ministries: Changing Lives – Impacting a Nation.

Get  Involved

unknownGive a gift today. Just click here to find out how. Giving already? Maybe you have a friend who wants to get involved. Tell them how they can make a difference in the lives of others. Are you part of a group? We’d be happy to come and share with them about the great things God is doing in Haiti.




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