Laney’s Update, School’s Starting – Que l’année scolaire commence !

Laney’s Update


                      My sweet brother, Laney

Great news! My brother, Laney, had surgery for an aortic aneurysm that went very well. A stent has been placed in his aorta thereby averting the danger of a ruptured aneurysm. When my older sister and I arrived at the hospital in Greenville, he had already had the surgery and was back in his room. Fortunately, it  took place with no complications. Laney has already left the hospital and returned home. Oh, the marvels of prayer coupled with modern medicine! Thank you so much, everyone, for your prayers.

School’s Starting!


                    Students in Sainte-Philomène

September is a big month for us. The Bible institute is already back into full swing and our elementary schools will be starting back up next week. Hundreds of excited kids with freshly pressed blue and white uniforms  will be eagerly flowing into our schools again to resume their studies for another year. Their minds will also be on the hot meal they’ll be receiving five days a week. Would you pray for all our staff members as they gear up for the buzz of activity which is to come? The fresh young faces they’ll see in just a few days will command all the energy they can muster.

We want to thank all of you who are sowing regularly into our feeding fund and invite others to help us bear the expenses in Haiti that come with providing nourishment for so many children (over 1,000). Check out my previous post, , to see how you can make a child’s day better. Lastly, we couldn’t even have a feeding program if it was not for some very generous donors who give into Orphans Promise and enable them and Lifeline Ministry to do the legwork in getting high-protein, pre-packaged food shipped to Haiti.

Did you know? 

“In 2012, the most recent year for which estimates are available, Americans threw out roughly 35 million tons of food, according to the Environmental ProtectionAgency.”

What a sobering thought! Click on the link below to read.


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