For those of you who prayed…


                         La famille Béliard

Recently, I placed an alert on my Facebook page asking my Facebook friends to please pray for Jean-Philippe Béliard. Jean-Philippe practically grew up on the church bench in our main church in Petite-Anse. He went on to complete our 4-year Bible college and was the valedictorian of his class. Today, he is one of the professors in that same Bible institute.

Lately, Jean-Philippe has had a tremendous battle with his health. On top of being a husband and father of two boys, he is attending a university located far from Cap-Haitian which requires a long bus ride every morning and afternoon. He also teaches a class in our Bible institute during the week and is very involved in many church activities. His wife, Natalie, serves as our Bible school secretary and they have two beautiful boys.

Jean-Philippe became very ill last week. Natalie messaged me and said he appeared to have lost consciousness and his body was turning cold. I immediately contacted Pastor Délinx who lives in the same neighborhood. He called him and he had regained consciousness, but has been very ill since then.

Today our son, John, took Jean-Philippe to see our personal doctor in Cap-Haitian. The results were alarming and we’re so glad that he was consulted by Dr. Bell. The result of his bloodwork revealed that he had 1) typhoid, 2) a worm, 3) hypoglycemia, and 4) low blood pressure. The latter two explained his insomnia. Such is the plight of many Haitians who live in this tropical country.

We thank all of you who give. You probably saved a life this week. We ask for your  continued prayers for Jean-Philippe and for the countless others who struggle through life without so many of the blessings that we enjoy.

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