Unexpected Showers!


Summer Feeding Program


We have marvelous news! When the donors for our schools’ feeding program learned that our students were not eating this summer, they were greatly troubled. It was decided that our students, from now on, should eat year-round. So, after several attempts to get a transfer down to Haiti, our pastors finally received the funds. They immediately refilled gas tanks and bought the necessary supplies to get our feeding program back up and running.

Before we left Haiti, Brother Delex (the treasurer of our main school in Petite-Anse) called me aside. With tears in his eyes and a trembling voice, he told me, “Man Pas, please thank everyone who is giving into this feeding program. For many of the children in our school, the lunch they receive here is the only meal they get for the whole day.” Can you imagine that? Pastor Lefort told me today, “The children were gulping their food down. You could tell they were really hungry!” We thank all our dear friends who saw and met the needs of others who are not quite so fortunate as them.

In the fall, we will be adding our other school in the countryside to the feeding program. We could sure use your help. If you’d like to join with us in feeding hungry children, you can go to rehobothhaiti.com and donate online. You can also send a check to:

The Lord’s Table
PO Box 11049
Goldsboro, NC 27532

Write the check to:  The Lord’s Table

Earmark the check:  Haiti – Feeding Program

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