Plenty Going On!

God is Good!

We spent a lovely weekend in Sanford, NC, with our good friends, Matt and Becky Garrett. On Sunday morning, Prit and I ministered at Moncure Baptist Church where they pastor and enjoyed spending time with their members again. What a wonderful time we had with our friends there!

John was scheduled to be at his home church in Asheville on Sunday as well. However, when he was ready to go, his car wouldn’t crank. I called Matt and asked him if he minded if we brought one more along with us since John was stranded for the weekend. Matt was very gracious and offered his own vehicle for John to use. So, off to Sanford we went. Then, John took off for Asheville. Amazing how the Lord works! Thanks so much Matt and Becky for your hospitality and generosity. Thank you also for being willing vessels in providing John with a way to make his engagement.

Speaking of John…


                       NC State Library

John has spent the lion’s share of his summer scanning page after page of our Bible institute’s books onto a pdf file. He finished the scanning process today and now begins the editing phase before he finally scans all the material onto tablets which our students can purchase next year for only 20% of the price they normally paid for books. Pray that he can get finished quickly and enjoy the remaining weeks of summer that he has left.


Quest for a Nest

MKijazecqSince we returned stateside on June 7, we have been searching for a home base. This doesn’t mean we’re retiring, but since Prit’s parents’ home has been sold, we have been on a quest for a nest. Would you please pray for us. We would like to have enough time to purchase a home and furnish it so that next time we come, our place of retreat from life in Haiti will be waiting for us.

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