Things I Would Tell Her

Oh, to be the young girl in the picture again! She’s not yet 25. She’s not even married yet. She’s full of dreams and ready to conquer the world. But there’s so much I’d tell her!

  • Make every moment count
  • Your children will be out of the nest before you can blink
  • Take better care of your health
  • The path you take is going to greatly alter your future
  • Pray more!


This young woman didn’t yet know that she would spend her life on the mission field and that it would s—t—r—e—t—c—h her faith beyond all imagination. She’s still carefree and excited about what the future may hold.

This June that girl turned the big 60. She’s a mother, proud grandmother, author, Vice-President of Rehoboth Ministries… and still a missionary! She’s just thankful she’s come through the fire and is still standing… and like the Proverbs 31:25 lady, she chooses to LAUGH at the future. She’s wiser now though and armed for battle.

I guess….if I could…I’d just tell her, “There are going to be many bumps in the road, but your God is faithful. He will never fail you.” She may have listened, but she would not have fully understood. How could she?

3 thoughts on “Things I Would Tell Her

  1. I remember that young energerized girl. Always having a ready smile and full of faith about what God could do in one’s life. And,,,,,,wondering when Prit would wise up to her feelings for him. Ah… the years have proved God’s faithfullness so many times and in so many avenues of your life. I would challenge that young girl to never for a second entertain the thought that God doesn’t plan your life so that your every word bless someone within your hearing. God chose that young girl to bear much fruit and operate in the gifts of the Spirit.

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