Roof Project Completed!

imagesWe are happy to announce that ALL the funds have come in for Pastor Lefort’s roof and the check has already been mailed to Haiti so that they can proceed. Thanks to all of you who had a hand in giving into this project. Now, we ask that you would pray for the safety of those who will be working and that the work can be done efficiently and in record time.

Pastor Lefort and his church members send a huge THANK YOU as well. They also extend an invitation to anyone who would like to come join them for a church service – under their brand new roof! 🙂

Thought you might enjoy these roofing jokes:

Question: What is it that keeps roofing teams together?
Answer: Trussed

Question: Why did the roofer go to the doctor?
Answer: Because he had a bad case of shingles.

Question: Why did the roofer have to go to the dentist?
Answer: He couldn’t stop biting his nails.

Question: What is fallen debris from the edge of the roof called?
Answer: Eavesdropping

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