Pieces Of Our Hearts/We Made It…Almost!/Free Copies of “Into the Storm”

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Sam, our adorable grandson

Pieces of our Hearts

Gabe flew out yesterday. We returned home and, as I passed his room, I saw his sheets on the floor and the blankets neatly folded on his bed. That old familiar ache returned, weighing down my heart for the umpteenth time. It was just yesterday that he was serenading us with his guitar on the front porch. It was the same ache I felt upon leaving West Virginia, knowing each mile back to North Carolina put more distance between us and Deb and her family. We met our new grandson. Ok, ok, he’s two now but nothing like the grandson we saw last year. Sam is reciting his alphabet, counting his numbers from 1-10 and rattling off the colors of the rainbow. He’s a bundle of explosive energy and loves all his trains and cars — one in particular named Percy.

It never gets easier. We’ve been in Haiti over 33 years now, yet it never. gets. any. easier. We’re left with our memories until the next time. Pieces of our hearts are strewn all over Oregon and West Virginia. So…. on this beautiful day of celebrating our country’s birth, we ask you to remember those who give up so much to serve on a foreign field. Remember our military members who tear themselves away from their families and put themselves in harm’s way to defend the precious freedoms we enjoy. Remember these men’s wives who pray constantly that their husbands will return safe and whole to them again. Remember that America, for all her problems, is still the dream of those who risk their lives in shark-infested waters so they can reach her shores. Unknown

 imagesWe ask you also to remember the missionaries who have left so much to take the gospel to others and who are helping to feed and clothe others’ families less fortunate than their own. Don’t forget that when they ask for your help, they’ve already given far more than you ever will by leaving the things most dear to them behind. Join their ranks and become partners with them. Invest in them and the work the Lord has called them to. Get involved and Give largely…like they do. Ask them what they need. The missionaries we know live selfless lives, always asking for help so they can help others. They rarely share their personal needs, though they may be many.

We Made It…Almost!

fullsizerender-352The gofundme.com drive that we used to raise money for Pastor Lefort’s church roof has been reached…almost! By the time the transfer fee was subtracted from the fund, we were still left with $113.06 to raise. Can you go over to gofundme and help us top it off? We want to thank all of you who have helped so far with our goal. Pastor Lefort and his members will be so excited to learn that others cared enough to get them out of the rain.

Free Copies of Into the Storm

118833913Today marks six years since Prit had his first of two aneurysms. We’re so thankful for the grace and mercy that has been bestowed upon us. To celebrate, we are offering 3 FREE copies of Into the Storm to the first three responders. Leave a message on our website requesting a FREE copy and we will joyfully send you this message of hope that God can be found in the worst of times. We also acknowledge Pastor Richard and Beth Kope, plus Pastor Corey and Erin Kope and their church family for standing with us during the greatest trial of our lives. We will never forget you!

2 thoughts on “Pieces Of Our Hearts/We Made It…Almost!/Free Copies of “Into the Storm”

  1. Good blog. Looking forward to reading your book. How do we get a copy and would you sign it? Still have a free one? Maybe you could leave one with our name on it with Davis so we could get it with our mail. If you’re ever out our way make sure you drop in. Courage! and God bless.

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