Loving On Family & gofundme.com

Family Time!


                                      Our  grandson, Sam

Yesterday, we returned to North Carolina after spending four days with our daughter, Deb, her husband, Ben, and our #1 grandson, Sam. The time, as always, went way too quickly. Gabe flies out on Sunday and we will be left with another year’s memories. We have had a great time together and can’t believe it’s already July 1. We wish everyone a very Happy Fourth of July weekend!




             Waiting for the rain to stop

On another note, we have managed to raise $600 towards our goal of replacing the roof for Pastor Lefort’s church. Yay! We have $1,100 yet that remains before we can actually begin the work. If you’d like to be a part of this fundraiser, go on over to gofundme.com and type into the space bar, A Roof Over Their Heads. You’ll see a place where you can donate. $10, $20, $50, $100….help make our dream come true!






Pray for Gabe

Please remember Gabe in your prayers as he flies back to Portland, Oregon, on Sunday. We would ask you also to pray that his job will allow him to take off more than a week to spend time with family. We serve a great big God and know that he can fulfill that small request. Our times are always hurried and way too short!

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