Help Us Help Them

”Pastor, do you think the church can help some of our musicians buy some new clothes?”


           Wendelson Pierre-Louis

This question came from Wendell who has been serving in our orchestra for a few years now. ”Their parents just don’t have the money and they’re too embarrassed to play for the services in the clothes they have.” We spoke with one of our church committee members and asked if they really needed clothes. Ronald said, ”Yes, they REALLY do.” He went on to tell us that there were several young people that come to his house every Sunday to eat. ”They’re hungry and there’s nothing for them at home,” he said.

My eyes welled up with tears upon hearing this. Our musicians are some of the most devoted young people I’ve ever met. Without even instructing them to do so, they have taken several young men under their wings and taught them how to play an instrument. Wendell plays drums, is quickly learning the piano, and helps direct our youth choir. He and other young men just like him have a zeal for God’s house which does not stem from a love of money. Wendell, who is poor as a church mouse himself, has ten people under him that he’s training to play music!

The problems we face here in Haiti are often economic ones since this is the poorest country in this hemisphere. Yet, in the face of poverty, we see a whole new generation rising up to become leaders. They’ve played for years with second-rate instruments and musical equipment which barely functions. Many of them are scraping by to attend school and they dream just like we do of a future with a hope.

It is not uncommon for young people from our church to show up at our home asking for something to eat. This would be considered rude in the South where I come from. But, in Haiti it’s an all too common problem. Prices continue to escalate and the average Haitian is doing his best to eek out a living.

We want to thank our supporters again for simply helping to feed and clothe the hungry, train up leaders, and disciple a nation. God is doing great things here because of you. For others who may not be sowing into this work, please consider doing so. Your giving is life to those who are on the receiving end here in Haiti — people just like Wendell. Help us help them.

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