Why I Love Rehoboth

We have some of the greatest supporters! Here, some have shared why they love and support Rehoboth Ministries. We thought you may like to meet some of them. 🙂


                                                    Richard & Linda in Haiti (April 2015)

We are Linda and Richard Baker from Topsail Island, NC. We have know the Adams since 1978 at ECU university when were in Bible study together. Then, we were at their wedding. We have been giving to them since 1983. They care about children.  In fact, teaching children body, soul, and spirit is what they have always been about and they have never wavered. Jesus said that when you give to little children you give to me. The children being brought up in the name of Jesus is going to change the destiny of Haiti!!!!!


                                                              Pastor John Hedgepeth (left)

I love Rehoboth! It is not hard to have a deep admiration and great respect for the ministry of Prit and Dana Adams. I have known them for many years and have always respected them for their honesty and sterling character. They are a couple who see needs and without assigning others to complete the task, they go and finish it themselves. They are go-getters and go-getters are the people who make world missions successful in winning the world to Christ.

Pastor John Hedgepeth
Northwood Temple
Fayetteville, NC


                                                           Myrtle Wickham

What I Love About Rehoboth Ministries

I got Haiti in my Spirit some 20 years ago – more or less. I went to help out with the work Prit and Dana Adams were doing in Cap Haitien. I just love the people; they are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. I loved attending church and watching and joining, them in their worship. I loved spending time with Dana as we prayed together each afternoon. I loved helping Gabriel learn his ABC’s and some math. Haiti has its beauty; it has its not so beautiful parts, but I learned to love it all. I had wanted to be a missionary as a young person but got married instead. My husband died; my mother died and then the Lord allowed me to go to Haiti. It isn’t for everyone but for me it was a tremendous joy. I was where my Lord wanted me and used me. It changed my life for I do not look on “things” in anyway as I did before going to Haiti. I am so thankful for the blessings we have and I pray through a miracle of God, the people of Haiti will be blessed with more comforts; if it doesn’t change them. For me it was a dream come true.

Thank you!

We received a very encouraging note from some of our other supporters. After reading our last blog post: https://rehobothhaiti.com/2016/04/12/help-us-help-them/ they were truly touched to the core concerning the needs of our musicians. Thank you, dear ones, for the offering that is en route to help clothe and feed these wonderful young people!

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Rehoboth

  1. I like it. Thanks.

    I failed to tell you I checked my credit card bill and the money for your support was on there; so it will come.

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