Claudin Joseph

FullSizeRenderWe work with some of the greatest people in the world. Among them are our young people who are on their way to becoming “world changers.” This morning, one of our church members (Claudin) came to the house to pick up some money to clean the bathroom at our main compound. Claudin’s dedication always amazes me. You would think that the one bathroom we keep for our guest ministers was the Taj Mahal. I never have to remind Claudin of his duty. He always reminds me of what he needs to keep things pristine. I see a great leader emerging in someone who is so faithful to attend to such a mundane job.

I fed Claudin a sandwich before he took off knowing that he was hungry. Claudin’s always hungry. He is one of ten children. As we sat at our dining room table, Claudin shared about his faith in the Lord and how the Lord kept him on the right track six years ago. Claudin’s mother passed away in 2011 after suffering for eight months with cancer of the womb. “She died on her knees praying“, he said and we shared a somber moment.  After his mother’s death, several of his brothers and sisters began to drink heavily, blaming their sorrow on their mother’s death. But Claudin determined he was not going down that road. He became very involved in the activities of our main church and today is a standard-bearer for the rest of our youth.

It’s folks like Claudin who refresh our souls when ministry becomes wearisome. God uses our own spiritual children to build up our faith!

4 thoughts on “Claudin Joseph

  1. Dana, Prit; I hope I didn’t sound sarcastic with the “humble” comment earlier today. I was genuinely touched by the faithful, obedient service the Claudin demonstrates and convicted of my readiness to grumble when I face a minor inconvenience. I praise God for your work in Haiti and pray for Claudin and many others who are so faithful.


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