Happy Easter!



I am sitting on the veranda of the Christophe Hotel as I type. Prit, John, and I came here to get some work done. It’s somewhat discouraging to pay a monthly internet bill only to have to come to town and use the internet here. I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and checked to see if we were online. Voila! Sure enough, there was a clear signal which tells me that Natcom is taking on more people than they can serve. Guess I’ll have to work through the night and sleep like a cat during the day!


We have been blessed with a young Haitian musician who came to serenade us while we work. Haiti does have its perks! It’s a gorgeous day here and his music is so beautiful. If you’ve ever heard “The Heart of Worship” by Matt Redman, you now that it’s a truly beautiful worship song. Maxime sang it in Creole and wrote the words down for me.


vector-cartoon-cargo-semi-truck-9499705Last week, we received our last shipment of food for the year. A huge truck brought the much-appreciated boxes of food from Archaie and our students will continue to receive vitamin-enriched nourishment as they head into their last trimester of school. Thank you, Orphans Promise and Lifeline Ministry!


We wish all our readers and supporters a very “Happy and Blessed Easter.” Everything we do revolves around the finished work of Jesus Christ. Otherwise, it would all be in vain. Hope you have a wonderful Easter season with your family. Please don’t take it for granted. We’d give anything to see our extended family in the States!

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