695e20dae263c22e95c47ab8c0d212ccWho We Are:
Rehoboth Ministries is a Christian ministry that has been operating in Haiti since 1983. The Rehoboth umbrella covers five local churches, three schools with a school lunch program, and a Bible school. Our work is especially focused on extending the Kingdom of God in Haiti through the discipleship of believers in the local church.

The Internship:
We are looking for a creative, mature Christian with journalistic skills (writing, photography, video editing) who will cultivate a stronger online presence for a 33-year-old ministry. Previous experience with video editing, photography, and social media outreach is strongly preferred. Previous experience with French and/or Haitian Creole is a plus but not required. The intern will create stories through words, images, and multimedia that illustrate various facets of the ministry for ministry partners overseas, as well as operating the ministry’s web and social media outreach. The intern will also develop and teach a weekly class to Haitian youth about photography, video, and web design. This is an ideal “semester off” experience for students looking to venture outside of their comfort zone, gain valuable cross-cultural, journalistic, and teaching experience, and explore Haiti, the world’s oldest black republic.

Time Frame:
Begin: September 1, 2016 
End: November 30, 2016 

Submission Deadline:
All submissions will be considered until the position has been filled. 

Paid / Unpaid? 
Unpaid (meals/lodging provided)

Applicants should provide the following materials: 
Please submit a resume, including any relevant course work, and all previous volunteer involvement. Please include a cover letter summarizing applicant’s Christian testimony as well as the reason he/she wants to work with Rehoboth and what he/she hopes to gain from the internship experience.

– Writing articles on various facets of the ministry accompanied by photographs
– Writing human-interest stories and interviewing individuals
– Developing promotional videos summarizing ministries and highlighting needs for fundraising purposes
– Establishing a consistent presence across a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and others
– Teaching a weekly class on photography/video editing/web design to Haitian students

The position is a supportive role that requires one to work efficiently on both team-based and independent projects.

Time Required:
A 3 month commitment is required. Hours per week are flexible and will vary depending on the needs of the ministry. Start and end dates can be adjusted slightly based on needs of intern.

Other Requirements:
– Strong organizational and time management skills
– Demonstrated ability to multi-task, prioritize, and set and meet deadlines
– Some knowledge of social media platforms
– Possess attention to detail
– Passport valid through the end date of the internship

Preferred – Writing Skills, Photography, Video Editing, Social Media, Communication Strategy, Creative



Michel, Zika, and Colibri

Goodbye Michel


        President Martelly saying ”Farewell”

President Michel Martelly left office on 7 February after a very successful five-year term. Unfortunately, due to failed elections, his place has been left void until an interim President can be voted in. Then, a second round of elections (hopefully) will reveal who Haiti’s next President will be. Many prayers are needed for a divided Haiti at this time. This doesn’t phase the work of Rehoboth Ministries, however. We see the work of discipleship, leadership training, and planting churches is needed more than ever.


As if Chikungunya wasn’t enough, there is now a new mosquito-related virus in Haiti. Anuz, the lady who hand washes our clothes stayed home on Monday due to a fever and a swollen foot. Fortunately, she was back at work yesterday and is doing fine. I (Dana) have had a mad itch for the last three days which I feel is Zika-related. But, then one never knows. Hopefully, it’s almost finished running its course.



Colibri Translation Services



On a more positive note, Congratulations to our son, John! John just spent three months translating his first book for a non-profit in Florida that helps mentor Haitian entrepreneurs. The book was translated into both French and Haitian Creole.

Help From a Friend


Gary St-Vil and John Adams

John also enlisted the aid of Gary St-Vil and Gary was able to profit as well. John and Gary grew up as playmates and John was Gary’s best man in his wedding. Gary is finishing up his last year of Bible School and John is one of his professors. Amazing how their futures have intertwined!

Congratulations John and Gary on your hard work. Colibri Translation Services is off to a great start!

Prayers Needed!


Photos of downtown Cap-Haitian


We have had nonstop rain for the last week. Today, the sun has shown its face and I’ve come downtown to get this post up. As usual, when it rains it rains too much and many folks are left sweeping the mud and debris from their homes. Since it’s rainy season and mosquitos are out, would you please remember those here who are suffering? Also, due to the rains and the fact that it’s Mardi Gras season, the schools were closed this week meaning our school kids didn’t get to eat all this past week.

A Room For Colas

FullSizeRender-12Thanks to the gift of some very generous friends, Colas finally has a place to lay his head. Jacques Kercius Colas has lived with us for around twenty-three years. When we moved to Cap-Haitian and started our main church, ”Cola,” as everyone knows him, started attending the early morning services. He gave his life to the Lord during that time. Unfortunately, Cola was very sick with tuberculosis. In the early morning prayer meetings, he would be found lying on the back bench and was too weak to even sit up. Our church members would gather around him, pray and encourage him to believe God for a complete miracle. Though all seemed lost, Cola actually started to get better and fully recovered. Ever since then, he has been working for us.

Cola is almost like a permanent fixture in our home. If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey, Cola would be our ”Mr. Carson.” He has worked for us all these years doing everything from maintaining our generator to shopping for us in the marché. In 2006, Prit, myself and Cola were kidnapped by a gang. The men who abducted us were afraid that Cola might recognize them. Therefore, they placed a pillow case over his head and forced him to bend over. He was so frightened that he began to vomit into the pillowcase. Later, the gang allowed me (Dana) to drive back to Cap-Haitian in the pitch dark with a very disoriented Cola. So, as you can see, we and Cola have a long history.

This past year, due to some very unfortunate circumstances, Cola found himself without a home. Our hearts ached for someone who had been so faithful all these years. We offered him the sofa in our den until we could figure out a solution for him to have his own place. Fortunately, some Rehoboth supporters came to the rescue. Because of their generosity, Cola is now sleeping in his own room on our property and is overjoyed, and so are we!

Thank you again for helping to lift heavy burdens from other people’s shoulders who are less fortunate than you. We have the best supporters in the world.

Bible School Projects

2013-08-05 03.44.36In our last post, we mentioned some projects that need to be done for our Bible institute. Great news! Someone has already  purchased the water cooler. How about you? Would you send a $25, $50, or a $100 offering to help us get these needs taken care of?  Our students will thank you! Prit and I have already invested in getting the tables built so our students will no longer have to sit at desks too small for them. Check out our last post to see what remains.

Bible School Projects

We are so thankful for those of you who have been helping us provide scholarships for our B2013-08-05 03.44.36.jpgible School students and for those who continue to give on a monthly basis. We do have other needs, however, and would like to ask our other readers for help.

Tables & Chairs

Our students, whose ages range from 20 to 30 years are presently using desks which have been designed for schoolchildren. Nope, that is not a faux pas. As you see in the photo, this is all we have to offer our students. We would like to build three solid wood tables and purchase some sturdy plastic chairs for our main meeting room.

Costs: $450 (Tables + Labor)  $400 (20 Plastic Chairs)

Air Conditioner & Water Cooler

This is the perfect time of year in Haiti. The weather couldn’t be nicer and we are enjoying a reprieve from the sweltering heat that quickly saps any and all energy leaving one feeling like a wilted flower. I wish it was like this all year! But, in just a couple of months, students will be wiping sweat from their brows and striving to stay alert for class. Anyone and everyone will be seeking refuge from the merciless sunshine. Because of this, we are asking for your help NOW to purchase air conditioners for the class where our students gather. In addition, we need to provide them with a water cooler since one easily gets dehydrated in this kind of heat.

Costs: (Air Conditioner + Installation) $1,400 (Water Cooler) $105

Paint job

A fresh coat of paint is definitely in order for the meeting room.

Costs: $100

Interior Court

FullSizeRenderThere is a square interior court one must pass through to get to the classrooms for our elementary school (which are on each side) and to the main meeting room for the Bible school students. In spite of the shade, it’s obvious that this needs a layer of concrete to smooth over the uneven surfaces. This will keep students from tripping as well as look a whole lot nicer!

Costs: $1,070

These are not all our needs, but will give us a good head start in making our Bible institute more presentable and promoting esprit de corps. Can you help?

In Loving Memory


August 17,  1934 -January 7, 2016

Prayers for the Altman Family

Prit and I were sorry to hear of the passing of our friend, Mrs. Doris Altman of Fayetteville, NC. Doris and her husband, Howard, were dear friends and longtime supporters of Rehoboth Ministries, Inc. They were also instrumental in opening up other doors of support for the work in Haiti. We are grateful for the friendship of these wonderful servants of God. We offer our most sincere condolences to the Altman family and ask you to remember them in your heartfelt prayers. Doris is now enjoying her eternal reward.

Attention Rehoboth Supporters!


We ask all our Rehoboth supporters to please note the following changes. We are working out the final kinks after transitioning our bookkeeping to The Lord’s Table in Goldsboro, NC.

Please make all support checks to The Lord’s Table and earmark your check to Haiti. If you want to give to a particular fund such as our Feeding Program, Bible School Scholarships, Construction, The Adams family, etc., please include a memo on the check or include a note.

Also, The staff at The Lord’s Table are presently streamlining their website in order to make it easier for anyone who wishes to simply donate online. Their website address is Thank you again for your generous giving into this ministry!