Bible School Projects

We are so thankful for those of you who have been helping us provide scholarships for our B2013-08-05 03.44.36.jpgible School students and for those who continue to give on a monthly basis. We do have other needs, however, and would like to ask our other readers for help.

Tables & Chairs

Our students, whose ages range from 20 to 30 years are presently using desks which have been designed for schoolchildren. Nope, that is not a faux pas. As you see in the photo, this is all we have to offer our students. We would like to build three solid wood tables and purchase some sturdy plastic chairs for our main meeting room.

Costs: $450 (Tables + Labor)  $400 (20 Plastic Chairs)

Air Conditioner & Water Cooler

This is the perfect time of year in Haiti. The weather couldn’t be nicer and we are enjoying a reprieve from the sweltering heat that quickly saps any and all energy leaving one feeling like a wilted flower. I wish it was like this all year! But, in just a couple of months, students will be wiping sweat from their brows and striving to stay alert for class. Anyone and everyone will be seeking refuge from the merciless sunshine. Because of this, we are asking for your help NOW to purchase air conditioners for the class where our students gather. In addition, we need to provide them with a water cooler since one easily gets dehydrated in this kind of heat.

Costs: (Air Conditioner + Installation) $1,400 (Water Cooler) $105

Paint job

A fresh coat of paint is definitely in order for the meeting room.

Costs: $100

Interior Court

FullSizeRenderThere is a square interior court one must pass through to get to the classrooms for our elementary school (which are on each side) and to the main meeting room for the Bible school students. In spite of the shade, it’s obvious that this needs a layer of concrete to smooth over the uneven surfaces. This will keep students from tripping as well as look a whole lot nicer!

Costs: $1,070

These are not all our needs, but will give us a good head start in making our Bible institute more presentable and promoting esprit de corps. Can you help?

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