695e20dae263c22e95c47ab8c0d212ccWho We Are:
Rehoboth Ministries is a Christian ministry that has been operating in Haiti since 1983. The Rehoboth umbrella covers five local churches, three schools with a school lunch program, and a Bible school. Our work is especially focused on extending the Kingdom of God in Haiti through the discipleship of believers in the local church.

The Internship:
We are looking for a creative, mature Christian with journalistic skills (writing, photography, video editing) who will cultivate a stronger online presence for a 33-year-old ministry. Previous experience with video editing, photography, and social media outreach is strongly preferred. Previous experience with French and/or Haitian Creole is a plus but not required. The intern will create stories through words, images, and multimedia that illustrate various facets of the ministry for ministry partners overseas, as well as operating the ministry’s web and social media outreach. The intern will also develop and teach a weekly class to Haitian youth about photography, video, and web design. This is an ideal “semester off” experience for students looking to venture outside of their comfort zone, gain valuable cross-cultural, journalistic, and teaching experience, and explore Haiti, the world’s oldest black republic.

Time Frame:
Begin: September 1, 2016 
End: November 30, 2016 

Submission Deadline:
All submissions will be considered until the position has been filled. 

Paid / Unpaid? 
Unpaid (meals/lodging provided)

Applicants should provide the following materials: 
Please submit a resume, including any relevant course work, and all previous volunteer involvement. Please include a cover letter summarizing applicant’s Christian testimony as well as the reason he/she wants to work with Rehoboth and what he/she hopes to gain from the internship experience.

– Writing articles on various facets of the ministry accompanied by photographs
– Writing human-interest stories and interviewing individuals
– Developing promotional videos summarizing ministries and highlighting needs for fundraising purposes
– Establishing a consistent presence across a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and others
– Teaching a weekly class on photography/video editing/web design to Haitian students

The position is a supportive role that requires one to work efficiently on both team-based and independent projects.

Time Required:
A 3 month commitment is required. Hours per week are flexible and will vary depending on the needs of the ministry. Start and end dates can be adjusted slightly based on needs of intern.

Other Requirements:
– Strong organizational and time management skills
– Demonstrated ability to multi-task, prioritize, and set and meet deadlines
– Some knowledge of social media platforms
– Possess attention to detail
– Passport valid through the end date of the internship

Preferred – Writing Skills, Photography, Video Editing, Social Media, Communication Strategy, Creative



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