A Sigh of Relief!

UnknownEnvelopes are stuffed and salaries are ready to be paid to the professors of our Bible Institute. The last week of this semester has finally rolled around and as soon as our teachers turn in the final grades for their students, they know they can come pick up their paychecks for the semester.

We are also breathing a sigh of relief on this end. Because of those of you who gave into the Bible Institute’s Scholarship Fund, you have taken a heavy weight off our shoulders and the funds are already available for payroll. Thank you so much for partnering with us. After one more semester, seven graduates will obtain their four-year degree. Exciting times! Please pray for them as they enter their final stretch that they can finish well. Many of them have families and are already serving their churches in some capacity. This degree will equip them even better. They have worked so hard and we are so proud of them.

Some of you are sowing every month into the Scholarship Fund. If others would like to help a leader in the making to meet his financial goal, the opportunity is still there and we would welcome your help. Just make sure your gift is specially marked Scholarship Fund. From the youngest to the oldest, Rehoboth Ministries is involved in discipleship on all levels.

1 thought on “A Sigh of Relief!

  1. Prit, Dana; Does this term complete the work of those to whom we gave scholarships? Are they the graduates? Are you in need of more scholarship money?


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