Prayers for the Hurting


Roberta Edwards – missionary to Port-au-Prince,      Haiti for over twenty years

I never met her. Roberta was responsible for an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. Port-au-Prince is in the south of Haiti. Cap-Haitian is in the north. It’s a six-hour drive from Cap to Port on a good day. People have asked me if I knew her. Unfortunately, I didn’t. But, we have a lot in common.

It was nine years ago today (October 15), that Prit, myself, and our guard, Cola were forced into our own vehicle and taken on a wild ride into the countryside by a gang from Port-au-Prince. I know the choking fear of wondering if you’ll  survive and later wondering if I’d see my husband again. I had to negotiate for Prit who was finally released three days later. Fortunately, our story had a happy ending. I’m so sorry, however, for the loss of a precious sister who dedicated her life to Haiti’s children.

As you read the following article,  please pray for 1) Roberta’s family and friends who are feeling her loss, 2) the little 4-year old boy who was abducted, and 3) for the orphans who are also wondering what became of Roberta. Lastly, 4) please pray for the missionaries that are still laboring in the country of Haiti and those all around the world.

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