Harnessing The Sun

sun.jpg~c100Almost $1,000.00! This is what we have spent during the last two months for diesel fuel alone in order to run our generator. Practically every three days of the month of September, it has cost us $60 US to send a worker to the gas station to buy fuel. Every.Three.Days.

Now, the generator is leaking and we’ve not been using it today. A visit from the mechanic will reveal where the problem lies. Hopefully, it will be a simple problem with a minimum charge. Due to the irregularity of the electricity provided in Haiti, one has to practically be self-sufficient. Even the most basic commodities are precious here. Unplugging our freezer and refrigerator at night doesn’t always guarantee our inverter batteries will last until the city’s current kicks in. Anyone who has come to spend some time in our home knows that ice is a luxury and our southern iced tea is served cold at best.

Due to not knowing how long the electricity was going to last this morning, Prit rushed to finish writing the lesson for tomorrow’s Discipleship Class and run off copies before the electricity ran out. Fortunately, he was able to finish in time. This gives you a glimpse into what life is like in Haiti. Running a huge ministry like Rehoboth depends on having a dependable way of operating, whether it’s making books for our Bible institute or typing up lessons on a laptop. It all requires precious electricity.

Presently, we are slowly moving away from using our generator for everything to be working off solar power instead. We’re making progress! After several months, we have paid off the costs of 16 solar panels and are working towards the next step for installation. A representative from a company in Florida will be coming this month to check out our location here on the compound and let us know what else will be required to harness the power of the sun and avoid ruining our generator altogether. The soonest they will be able to make the installation is mid-November.

Because of this, we are working on the rest of the funds needed to complete this project. We do not yet know what else will be required to reach our goal, but believe the lion’s share of the costs has been paid. Whenever we know the remaining expenses, we will post them. Meanwhile, we would greatly appreciate your help. Having electricity is a lifeline here and most of our daily activities revolve around its usage.

Can you help us get this project completed as quickly as possible and say bye-bye to diesel fuel? Your gift can make all the difference in the quality of life here on the field! Thank you for your kind consideration of this project.

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