We Are Better Because You Came

11825061_10100170324765136_7219823042083892087_nWe had the privilege of receiving a fourteen-member medical team last week from Northwood Temple Church from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Northwood Temple is one of our longtime supporting churches and where Prit’s parents were members for many years. The medical team flew in on American Airlines. While we were waiting for the plane, three doctors introduced themselves to us. Two of the doctors had  taken a ferry all the way from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic, then picked up another doctor in Santo Domingo. They then drove across the border into Haiti. The doctor living and working in the Dominican was a Haitian woman from Cap-Haitian who had left Haiti in 1985. This was her first trip back to Haiti since she left! What a interesting way to bring this dynamic team to one place and what a blessing they were to our church people as well as to the community in which we live.


Pastor Eduardo Gonzalez with an older man with a heart problem. He received treatment for 3 days and during this time accepted the Lord into his life!


This little guy received treatment for a bad case of scabies.

We held a six-day clinic here at the compound in Sainte-Philomène. Over 2,440 people passed through to receive either a doctor’s visit, have their teeth cleaned, or eyes checked. Free readers were provided for those who needed them. Many of the people visited all three stations. For many of the patients who could not be treated here at the compound, the doctors dug deep into their own pockets to help send these folks to the hospital to be treated.

We saw heartbreaking cases of children with parasites and scabies. One baby was having seizures and was immediately sent to the hospital. An old lady was operated on in one of the little schoolrooms as a cyst was removed from her back. She had come alone to the clinic and we sent her home with our  chauffeur to make sure she got back safely. Without a doubt, the people who sat for hours waiting to be seen witnessed the hands of Jesus extended through this team. In spite of the insufferable heat this time of year, this team worked steadily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to see as many people as they possibly could.


This unused church was used as the waiting room and triage area.

We thank the Lord for the spirit of excellence and unity we witnessed this week as well as the heart of true servanthood. Many of these laborers were also ready and willing to help the patients find the ultimate healing for their own souls.

Thank you Northwood Temple for sending us the best you had to offer! We are better because you came. We also thank our own leaders and interpreters for doing a stellar job in making the clinic run much more efficiently. We are so proud of you! For lack of a decent internet signal, I will post more pictures next time.

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