The God Adventure

Well, here we sit at a bus station in Santiago (Dominican Republic) waiting for the tour bus to take us to Cap Haitian. Where did the summer go? The phrase faster than a speeding bullet comes to mind. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were not able to fly out until yesterday. While scrambling to get our airline tickets, we discovered that the only thing available at this late date was to fly to the Dominican, take a tour bus and cross over the border to Cap Haitian. We left Raleigh, N.C., early yesterday morning. After a 4 1/2 hour delay at the JFK Airport, then another hour on the runway, we were finally on our way to the Dominican. The hour delay was due to someone who had checked their bags in and then later decided not to board the plane. As a result, all the passengers were held up until the bags could be pulled off the plane and rechecked.

41l8gwzZVIL._SX290_BO1,204,203,200_To coin Terry Meeuwsen’s title, we are continuing on our God Adventure. We arrived in Santiago late yesterday afternoon and are now waiting to take the three-hour bus trip to Cap. Since a medical team is flying in on Monday, we will have just enough time to unpack, meet with our leaders to plan together, then trust the Lord that in this short time of planning, all will go smoothly. We know our people will be blessed by the medical help they’ll receive from Northwood Temple Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Soon after the team departs, the elementary schools, feeding program, and the Bible institute will be reopening again. School children in their blue and white uniforms will be returning to school happily anticipating a hot meal each day.

Words can’t describe how much administrative effort it takes for all these things to run smoothly. We are so grateful for our leaders who are absolutely indispensable and serve the Lord with a spirit of meekness. They go way beyond the call of duty.

As usual, we ask for your prayers and invite you to become part of our God Adventure by becoming a regular supporter of this ministry through prayer and financial giving.

How can you help?

Feeding Program: help provide salaries for our cooks, purchase necessities needed for our kitchen which include everything from refilling gas tanks to buying cooking oil and food used to augment the food sent in by Orphans Promise

Scholarships: we still need help with Bible institute scholarships. Only $20 a month is needed to send one of our leaders-in-training to school. We are halfway there as we have 6 out of 12 students provided for!

Construction Team: There is no end to the list of projects for needed construction. From reparations to adding rooms to buildings, we would welcome your help. We have qualified workers here who would benefit from having some extra income if you should choose to fund a project.

For more details, send me an e-mail at danaptl at

*We are back in Haiti now! This was written yesterday morning. (July 17)

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