Goodbye to the Old, Hello to the New

Wait ’til Sunday

momandmaryannwebMy sister, Mary Ann, visited Haiti this week for the first time. We had a wonderful vacation together and it was so much fun to see Haiti through her eyes. Mary Ann’s always been the adventurer in our family and we all laughed at her constant questions about Haitian culture and life. I believe she left on Tuesday with a greater appreciation for Rehoboth Ministries as well.

Mary Ann has visited the beach, seen the ruins of Pauline Bonaparte’s palace, checked out the tourist market, sampled Haitian food, and sipped on Cola’s awesome papaya milkshakes. She and John decided to walk to the cathedral in Cap-Haitian. Unfortunately, a drunk man began to verbally attack and following them down the street, telling them they were not welcome in Haiti. This was a bit unnerving, but I told her, “Wait ’til Sunday. Not everyone’s like that and you will see another side of Haiti.” Sure enough, she was treated like a celebrity by our church people when they discovered she was the Madame Pastor’s sister who had come to visit. I’ve never seen them so happy and was very touched to know that her visit meant so much to them. So, Mary Ann got a taste of the good and the bad that we experience here on the mission field.

Thank you, Mary Ann, for coming and making our Christmas special. Your stay went by way too quickly. You coming to visit was an awesome way for us to end the new year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our family, friends, and supporters of Rehoboth Ministries. Our year has been full of ups and downs, yet through it all the Lord has been faithful and your giving has helped alleviate the pressures of the work here. Thank you for enabling us to accomplish all we’ve done here in Haiti.

Last night we attended the New Year’s Eve service at Pastor Lefort’s church. It was just a walk across our compound which made it easier, plus we would not have to drive back across town from the main church at midnight. In spite of a piano with half the keys being inoperable and a drummer who seemed to know only one beat, the presence of God was so real. What a way to welcome in the new year! Bienvenue 2015!

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