Lots Going On!

10915229_10205363388705697_5273027581083085682_nAs I write this post, we are in-between having celebrated 32 years in Haiti (10 January) and remembering the earthquake of 2010 which took over 200,000 lives (12 January). Joy and sorrow are mingled together and we are ever thankful for the Lord’s preservation and for all of you who have made it possible for us to remain at our post all these years. We could never have done it without you!

We had a 2-day MFI conference this past Thursday and Friday. Over 100 pastors and leaders came together to glean from the ministry of Pastor Dennis Lacheney of Colonial Heights, Virginia, and Andrew Clark of Richmond, Virginia. Dennis pastors Christian Life Center and is President of MFI’s Southeast Region of which we are a part. Andrew spent close to ten years as a missionary near Port-au-Prince and is now president of Equipping the Nations Ministry. Their teaching on leadership and how to transform our communities greatly impacted our pastors and stirred them up to bring positive change to their regions. We were tremendously blessed by their visit and the spiritual deposit they left behind. Needless to say, we always enjoy the fellowship our visitors have to offer as well.

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We are still celebrating Christmas! Our daughter, Deb, outdid herself and loaded us down with gifts this year. From DVDs, candy, and clothes to face wash and a crock pot for me, we are still enjoying the Christmas joy. With all the cargo that Agape Flights had to bring over during the Christmas season, these gifts didn’t make it until after the holiday. Thanks, Deb!

We are the typical grandparents who revel in every single picture posted of our grandson. There can never be too many! Here’s a picture of Sam enjoying his first snow. Prit and I sent him a toy telephone for Christmas. I told Deb that now he can call Haiti anytime he wants.


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