Great News!

Today, I am sitting at the Picolet Hotel with John. We’ve both come here to get some things done that require a stronger Internet signal than what we have at home. We are sitting on the veranda enjoying an absolutely perfect day. The sun is out and I’m tempted to go dip my toes in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean that is just across the street from us. I wish many of you could come sit by me and we could share a cup of coffee together. It would be wonderful to just “sit a spell” and chat together. However, this post will have to do. Guess I’ll have to do all the talking! The invitation still stands, however, for anyone who would like to come visit us in Haiti. There’s no better time than now (weather-wise).

Feeding Program

Things are beginning to pick up momentum concerning our feeding program. The kitchen is now complete and the food shipment is ready to be sent to Haiti. We are beyond excited! It looks as if the food will have to be shipped to Port-au-Prince. Since this is (at the very least) a 6-hour trip from Cap-Haitien on substandard roads, we will have to rent trucks and hire security guards to travel to the capital to pick up the food. We are asking for much prayer on our behalf concerning the myriad details that this will certainly involve. Here’s a few of the major prayer points you can zero in on:

  • Safety for our drivers and guards going to and returning from Port-au-Prince
  • Great favor with the customs officials in releasing the food to us without adding on an exhorbitant tax
  • Training for our cooks who will be traveling to Arcahaie (in the south of Haiti) to be trained by other Haitian cooks who are already feeding 9,000 kids a day by another ministry

I’m sure that before it’s all over, there will be a thousand other details which will need to come into place to get this program up and running smoothly. Therefore, we thank you in advance for your prayers on our behalf that we will be able to steward this well and that all will be done for the glory of God! We also ask for your prayers for Orphan’s Promise Ministry which is on the other end doing the majority of the legwork to make this dream a reality.


CBN has just released a DVD called “Be Healed!” We are greatly humbled to share with you that the testimony concerning Prit’s healing in 2010 has been included on their DVD. Thank you CBN!

Strengthening the Hands of Others

Orphan’s Promise

10927915_846662355391762_551818354_n-1We have great news! A special work has been moving forward on the property of our main church compound in Petite-Anse. Orphan’s Promise Ministry, headed up by Terry Meeuwsen of Virginia Beach, Virginia, has been working on a special project that’s very dear to our hearts. Many of you know how we have labored to feed hungry students in three of our schools for years. Just providing hot meals two days a week was a challenge that took great faith to continue. Many of you joyfully set your hands to the task of helping us feed these kids.

We believe the Lord has now honored that step of faith and brought others alongside us to help lighten this load. In another week, a new kitchen will be completed, equipped with eight burners which will enable our cooks to work more quickly and put out hot meals once again for our students. Up until now, the feeding program has been on hold. The money is still in the feeding account. It just wasn’t enough, however, to get the program up and running, as well as sustain it. But now, there is a plan in motion to enable our kids to eat FIVE days a week instead of two. This is definitely a God thing!

A year’s supply of food has already been purchased and another ministry is presently working the kinks out to get it shipped to Haiti. Our workers have already cleared out a huge depot here at the Sainte-Philomène compound where the food will be safely stored. Would you please pray with us that all these details will be worked out quickly and that nothing will keep this work from moving forward? Thank you, Orphans Promise for looking upon Rehoboth Ministries and helping to strengthen our hands.

Here’s a picture of the team that was just here on Monday to inspect the progress of the kitchen. Standing to Dana’s right is Beth Meadows and Abigail Anderson. Another member of the team was Yuri Kohmyak (taking the photo.) It was a great encouragement to have them come and visit.

Mamba Manno

imageOn another note, one of our dear friends and workers has stepped out in faith to start a business of selling peanut butter. His name is Emmanuel, but his nickname is Manno. We have been wanting to help Manno start this business for a very long time, but have not had any extra funds after paying salaries for the schools and churches. Manno stepped out in faith and is paying someone else so he may use his machine. Today, he brought a jar of peanut butter (“mamba”) to us and it was wonderful. I (Dana) had told Manno I didn’t want to buy the peanut butter that’s made here in Haiti. It’s full of vegetable oil and very unhealthy. I asked him if he could not just crush the peanuts and make peanut butter with the oil from the peanuts. “I will be your first customer if you do that,” I told him.

We are so proud of Manno for taking the initiative to get this work going. We are asking you if you would like to strengthen Manno’s hands and help him buy his own machine? He would save so much more money if he didn’t have to pay to use someone else’s.
Cost: $700 US

Also if you are in living in Cap-Haitian, I would love to put you in contact with our brother so you can buy some of what I call “Mamba Manno” (Manno’s Peanut Butter).

Lots Going On!

10915229_10205363388705697_5273027581083085682_nAs I write this post, we are in-between having celebrated 32 years in Haiti (10 January) and remembering the earthquake of 2010 which took over 200,000 lives (12 January). Joy and sorrow are mingled together and we are ever thankful for the Lord’s preservation and for all of you who have made it possible for us to remain at our post all these years. We could never have done it without you!

We had a 2-day MFI conference this past Thursday and Friday. Over 100 pastors and leaders came together to glean from the ministry of Pastor Dennis Lacheney of Colonial Heights, Virginia, and Andrew Clark of Richmond, Virginia. Dennis pastors Christian Life Center and is President of MFI’s Southeast Region of which we are a part. Andrew spent close to ten years as a missionary near Port-au-Prince and is now president of Equipping the Nations Ministry. Their teaching on leadership and how to transform our communities greatly impacted our pastors and stirred them up to bring positive change to their regions. We were tremendously blessed by their visit and the spiritual deposit they left behind. Needless to say, we always enjoy the fellowship our visitors have to offer as well.

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We are still celebrating Christmas! Our daughter, Deb, outdid herself and loaded us down with gifts this year. From DVDs, candy, and clothes to face wash and a crock pot for me, we are still enjoying the Christmas joy. With all the cargo that Agape Flights had to bring over during the Christmas season, these gifts didn’t make it until after the holiday. Thanks, Deb!

We are the typical grandparents who revel in every single picture posted of our grandson. There can never be too many! Here’s a picture of Sam enjoying his first snow. Prit and I sent him a toy telephone for Christmas. I told Deb that now he can call Haiti anytime he wants.


Goodbye to the Old, Hello to the New

Wait ’til Sunday

momandmaryannwebMy sister, Mary Ann, visited Haiti this week for the first time. We had a wonderful vacation together and it was so much fun to see Haiti through her eyes. Mary Ann’s always been the adventurer in our family and we all laughed at her constant questions about Haitian culture and life. I believe she left on Tuesday with a greater appreciation for Rehoboth Ministries as well.

Mary Ann has visited the beach, seen the ruins of Pauline Bonaparte’s palace, checked out the tourist market, sampled Haitian food, and sipped on Cola’s awesome papaya milkshakes. She and John decided to walk to the cathedral in Cap-Haitian. Unfortunately, a drunk man began to verbally attack and following them down the street, telling them they were not welcome in Haiti. This was a bit unnerving, but I told her, “Wait ’til Sunday. Not everyone’s like that and you will see another side of Haiti.” Sure enough, she was treated like a celebrity by our church people when they discovered she was the Madame Pastor’s sister who had come to visit. I’ve never seen them so happy and was very touched to know that her visit meant so much to them. So, Mary Ann got a taste of the good and the bad that we experience here on the mission field.

Thank you, Mary Ann, for coming and making our Christmas special. Your stay went by way too quickly. You coming to visit was an awesome way for us to end the new year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our family, friends, and supporters of Rehoboth Ministries. Our year has been full of ups and downs, yet through it all the Lord has been faithful and your giving has helped alleviate the pressures of the work here. Thank you for enabling us to accomplish all we’ve done here in Haiti.

Last night we attended the New Year’s Eve service at Pastor Lefort’s church. It was just a walk across our compound which made it easier, plus we would not have to drive back across town from the main church at midnight. In spite of a piano with half the keys being inoperable and a drummer who seemed to know only one beat, the presence of God was so real. What a way to welcome in the new year! Bienvenue 2015!