Great News!

Today, I am sitting at the Picolet Hotel with John. We’ve both come here to get some things done that require a stronger Internet signal than what we have at home. We are sitting on the veranda enjoying an absolutely perfect day. The sun is out and I’m tempted to go dip my toes in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean that is just across the street from us. I wish many of you could come sit by me and we could share a cup of coffee together. It would be wonderful to just “sit a spell” and chat together. However, this post will have to do. Guess I’ll have to do all the talking! The invitation still stands, however, for anyone who would like to come visit us in Haiti. There’s no better time than now (weather-wise).

Feeding Program

Things are beginning to pick up momentum concerning our feeding program. The kitchen is now complete and the food shipment is ready to be sent to Haiti. We are beyond excited! It looks as if the food will have to be shipped to Port-au-Prince. Since this is (at the very least) a 6-hour trip from Cap-Haitien on substandard roads, we will have to rent trucks and hire security guards to travel to the capital to pick up the food. We are asking for much prayer on our behalf concerning the myriad details that this will certainly involve. Here’s a few of the major prayer points you can zero in on:

  • Safety for our drivers and guards going to and returning from Port-au-Prince
  • Great favor with the customs officials in releasing the food to us without adding on an exhorbitant tax
  • Training for our cooks who will be traveling to Arcahaie (in the south of Haiti) to be trained by other Haitian cooks who are already feeding 9,000 kids a day by another ministry

I’m sure that before it’s all over, there will be a thousand other details which will need to come into place to get this program up and running smoothly. Therefore, we thank you in advance for your prayers on our behalf that we will be able to steward this well and that all will be done for the glory of God! We also ask for your prayers for Orphan’s Promise Ministry which is on the other end doing the majority of the legwork to make this dream a reality.


CBN has just released a DVD called “Be Healed!” We are greatly humbled to share with you that the testimony concerning Prit’s healing in 2010 has been included on their DVD. Thank you CBN!

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