Thanks for Giving!

thanksgiving-candy-turkey-trufflesPrit and I want to sincerely thank Pastor Mike and Mary Chatt and the members of Rock Church for making it possible for us to celebrate Thanksgiving here in Haiti. Even though Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Haiti, Rock Church provided a huge turkey with all the trimmings in order to make our day special. It’s so nice to be remembered when you’re far away from home.

Also, thank you to Agape Flights for purchasing the turkey and fixings and flying them to Cap-Haitian for us missionaries! As we enjoy our feast, we remember those of you who sacrificed to make it happen.

Speaking of sacrifices, every time we look at our freshly-tiled floors and newly-painted walls, we remember the nine days that Trinity Church invested here by sending a team to help us with construction needs. Here are some reflections of a few of the team members concerning their time here with us. We are so glad God touched your hearts in a special way while you were here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

Everyone should take a mission trip to Cap-Haitien, Haiti. The Haitians are a loving, determined people. Prit and Dana Adams, and their son, John, are very dedicated to their ministry in Cap-Haitien. I really enjoyed their fellowship and also interacting with the people of Haiti. The work our team was very fruitful and never did seem like
work. We all left part of our hearts in Cap. I must return someday. – Vic

My experience this year was much different than last year’s. This year I felt like we got to see much more of the normal obstacles in trying to get work done in Haiti: the challenges of every day life just to go to the store to buy tile, the systems that are there and how they have to be maneuvered through to overcome in order to do what would be simple in the States. The weather also played a bigger part this year versus last year. There is no such thing as just plan “A” . We did get plenty of work done with all the challenges though. – Bryan

It was so wonderful to see you & the family again. When we landed at the airport & then drove through the city, it was like HOPE was in the air! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to come serve you & the Haitians. After last year’s trip I felt like I had a dark cloud hanging over me. Several different things were coming against me in my mind & I had let despair set in. But in Haiti again, the Lord rebuked me & he told me as long as I have Jesus, I have hope. In Haiti HOPE was in the air & in the people. This trip took me out of my comfort zone more than last year. I didn’t feel like I was as prepared as I was last year. But the Lord reminded me that I was willing & He honors that. He let me see myself & some other gifts/talents I haven’t used in a while. You &your family are such a blessing & inspiration to me. I love going to Haiti . Something new with every visit. Thank you xoxoxoxo – Kelly

I did not speak much French or French Creole at all, which was a hindrance and an asset at the same time. Instead of talking, I watched. When I was face to face with someone I had to try to express myself through love. It was an entirely different way of communication that I only scratched the surface of, but I think has planted a seed somewhere within my spirit, showing me how to better display God’s love in me. Beyond that, just being able to see the people on the compound and the laborers at work and to play a game with some passing children was a blessing.

I loved our time around the table. It was liberating being free from the usual daily worries and to have it replaced with constant fellowship among believers. I know it made me more open and honest than I would have been otherwise. The real privilege for me came from you and Prit. Hearing about how you both came to Haiti and some of the stories of what you’ve encountered, experienced, and endured was incredibly encouraging and humbling in the best way. You each displayed a relationship with God that showed me ways I could expand my trust and obedience to live with God daily as you do. – Daniel

We are so thankful for the various ministries who make our work in Haiti easier. As we gather around our table, we will especially give thanks for all of you and for our partners in the ministry. Happy Thanksgiving and “thanks for giving!”

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