Selfless Givers


Phyllis Kimrey

Recently, Prit and I were tremendously blessed by two friends. Jennifer Steimel and Phyllis Kimrey teamed up and raised $275 for Rehoboth Ministries. Prit and I met Jennifer while visiting my sister in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Jennifer and Mary Ann work together and she was giving a demonstration for a jewelry party for Premier Designs, Inc. at Mary Ann’s home.

In talking with Jennifer, I learned that she sees her role with Premier Designs as an opportunity to help others. More often than not, she donates her proceeds from a jewelry party to a nonprofit organization. Jennifer told me that if I could find a hostess for a jewelry party, she would come do the demonstration and donate the proceeds to Rehoboth Ministries. I knew that I was talking with a very special lady.


Jennifer Steimel

I contacted a longtime friend, Phyllis Kimrey, and asked her if she would be wiling to host a party for Rehoboth Ministries to which I received a resounding, “Yes, absolutely!” Since Phyllis lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, it wasn’t too far of a drive for Jennifer to come. Phyllis invited several of her friends and they had a great party. We are beyond blessed to have these two ladies with such big hearts for friends. I was elated to know that Phyllis would receive some beautiful jewelry for her role as hostess. Instead of keeping the jewelry, however, she chose to give it away to some of our Haitian ladies as a gift. When my sister comes to visit us at Christmas, she will come bearing gifts from Phyllis.

Would you like to host a party for Rehoboth Ministries? As long as you’re within driving distance from Jacksonville, Jennifer will come and has promised to give her part of the proceeds to Rehoboth Ministries. We thank the Lord for such wonderful and selfless friends!

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