Visitors Coming and Going

We said “Goodbye” today to a great friend. George Watson is on his way back to Tacoma as I write and it’s been great having him here. After our Tacoma team from Trinity Church departed, George decided to spend another couple of weeks with us. We’ve truly enjoyed the fellowship and the many laughs we’ve had. Yesterday, we went to Cormier Plage and enjoyed a seafood dinner together and took advantage of the beautiful beach. The weather in Haiti is absolutely perfect this time of year. Thanks George for gracing our home. We miss you already!

Speaking of visitors, my sister Mary Ann has purchased her tickets to come spend Christmas with us! This will be her first trip to Haiti and I am beyond excited that she is coming. Although we will terribly miss seeing Deb, her family, and Gabe, we will find some consolation in showing Mary Ann around Haiti. Gabe will be spending Christmas with Deb and her family and we’re thankful that none of them have to spend Christmas alone. We’re a tad bit jealous, though, that he’s going to have a week with that incredible grandson of ours, Sam. Sam is growing up so fast and we probably won’t see him again until he is at least a year old. *Sigh* But, as grandparents often do, we will share just a few of our many pictures of the most special baby in the world.

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With Christmas just a few weeks away, would you like to make a special gift to Rehoboth Ministries? Supporting five churches, three schools, a Bible institute, and the many others needs we have here is incredibly taxing. Your gift can lighten the load. Simply use the PayPal button on our website or use the Fayetteville address on our home page ( to send a check. A special thanks to all our partners who consistently demonstrate your love for missions and for the Haitian people.

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