Open for Business!

10644432_747742048594933_2854747544756302349_oPresident Michel Martelly gave an impassioned speech last Thursday after flying in on the first American Airlines flight to Cap-Haitian as he reiterated what had been accomplished so far in Haiti during his presidency. After having been bankrupted by greedy dictators for decades, suffering through a crippling embargo, facing a cholera epidemic and succumbing to a monumental earthquake that took the lives of an estimated 220,000 people, one had to wonder if Haiti would ever find its way again.

Columbus called Haiti the Pearl of the Antilles. It was once the richest French colony in the world. Cap-Haitian, the old colonial capital and second largest city in the nation was known as the Paris of the New World. Even Pauline Bonaparte (Napoleon’s sister) was one of its inhabitants. Today, Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, rating as a fourth world country. Perhaps Columbus would barely recognize Hispaniola today for all the trouble she’s seen. But God is not finished with Haiti.

Last Thursday, as he spoke, the President sported a purple T-shirt. On the front was inscribed: “Cap-Haitien is Open For Business.” While Port-au-Prince has been the seat of power and wealth for decades, Martelly managed to lift the heads of the Capois and promote dignity to the residents of the north of Haiti. He is definitely a different kind of President in that he truly seems to represent all of Haiti.

Many new businesses have and continue to spring up all over this island. We do not attribute all this to political or business savvy, however. This has been the result of years and years of saturating the Haitian soil with earnest prayers. We believe the fruit on the vine is only beginning to bud. Click on the links below to become acquainted with some of the new enterprises that are taking place in Haiti. While you’re reading, please remember to pray for President Martelly, the Haitian people, and the work of the gospel in their hearts.

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