The Joy Is in the Giving

giftOn Sunday morning, one of our leaders’ wives approached me. Just after the service concluded, she came to where I was sitting and said, “Oh, Man Pas, thank you so much for the clothes that you sent to me!” She wore a great big smile and joy radiated from her face. I had loaded up her husband with a pile of clothes that I no longer needed. It was then that I realized she had on the blazer and skirt that I had sent her. I remembered how I had struggled with giving that blazer away. I really liked it, but never seemed to be able to find a matching skirt to go with it that I liked. I finally gave it away.

“You are very welcome. It looks a lot better on you than it did on me,” I said and I meant it. I received so much joy in that moment. Seeing her overflowing with happiness blessed me so much and it had been such a simple gift on my part. I only regretted that I hadn’t given it away sooner. It’s amazing the things we hold on to when they can be giving others so much joy. It made me want to go through my wardrobe and give away more items that I will probably never miss.

Would you like to spread some joy around? There are more needs represented here than we can count. Whether it’s feeding hungry children, paying salaries, or just brightening someone’s day with a gift, the joy is truly in the giving!

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