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NewsAfter a delayed flight due to a blown tire on the IBC jet, John left Haiti much later than planned on Wednesday. After missing all his connections in Ft. Lauderdale, he had to pay for a hotel room and spend the night. He finally made it to Fayetteville on Thursday afternoon and we had a joyful reunion. We took him straight to the hospital to see his Grandmom. We knew Lucy was feeling a little better when she looked at him and said, “John, you need a haircut!” We all laughed and had a wonderful time visiting with her. After an incredibly difficult week, we were ecstatic to watch her eat her dinner with relish.

John’s done a stellar job in Haiti this year. We’re so proud of his work in our Bible institute and are grateful for the many hats he has worn while helping us with the work of Rehoboth Ministries. Since Prit had to return to the States in March due to his Dad’s passing, John stayed behind to finish his year of teaching in our Bible institute. He was a tremendous strength to our pastors and leaders in various capacities on multiple levels. He was also one of many that succumbed to the Chikungunya virus, but has fortunately recovered and is glad to be back in North Carolina.

Be sure to visit John’s blog so you can keep up with his summer schedule at Would you also remember to keep our pastors, leaders, and workers in Haiti in your prayers as well?


We want to thank all of you who have come to the hospital in Fayetteville to visit, pray for, and encourage Lucy. She has been greatly strengthened by your presence. She has been through some extremely difficult bouts with her health lately and our family still asks that you keep her covered with your prayers. Your cards and flowers have served to remind her that she is not forgotten and greatly loved. Lucy is the perfect patient and never complains. Layers of prayer have been placed upon her and we know the Lord can raise her up for his glory. Our days are spent driving back and forth to Fayetteville to be with her at this time.

Change in Schedule

Please note the change of address for the upcoming Women’s Aglow meeting in Greensboro, N.C. If you’re nearby and able to join us, we would love to see you there!

Also, note the change of address in the column. Please send future correspondence to this address.

Musical Instruments

We are in great need of musical instruments, amplifiers, cables, and microphones. Our present budget is stretched to the max and our first priority is paying our workers’ salaries. If you or your church has any of these items available and you are no longer using them, would you please contact us? Perhaps, you would prefer to make a donation in order for us to boost Haiti’s economy and buy some of these items locally, thereby avoiding the payment of a customs tax at the airport. Either way, we could sure use your help!

1 thought on “Recent News

  1. Dear Prit and Dana,
    Good to hear from you as we draw near to the 4th of July again, we celebrate God’s goodness to all of us. We cherish our memories of fellowship, battles won and laughter.
    Remember how you , Dana, ( Prit, you thought you were in Haiti at the time) , Richard and. I would joke over the costs mounting at the hospital. It was all so impossible, all we could do was laugh.
    And now you both are driving back and forth to and from your hospital for your mom, Lucy.
    We miss you. Know that you are loved and prayed for. Send me a line at bethkope@ when you get a minute will you Dana; maybe when you are driving back and forth. I remember your laptop was your friend on the road.
    Please give our love to Lucy. Richard and Beth

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