July 4: A Day of Remembrance

The daily treks into Fayetteville to visit Prit’s mom in the hospital have now come to an end. Lucia Andrews Adams gained her independence this 4th of July. Lucy fought a long, hard fight which stretched back over 1 1/2 years. Repeated trips to hospitals, rehabs, and then back home resembled a revolving door until her exhausted and frail body finally said “Enough!” On Thursday night, her immediate family with their spouses gathered around her bed. We prayed, shared memories together, and thanked her for what she meant to us. Finally, one by one, we released her to the Lord. On Friday morning, she closed her eyes for the last time putting off her corruptible body for an incorruptible one.

It is the end of an era. P.G. and Lucy both lived sacrificial lives. When most retirees were enjoying their golden years, Prit’s parents were juggling Rehoboth Ministries’ finances and shipping boxes to Haiti. P.G. and Lucy counted it all joy to do the Lord’s work and Haiti never had two more devoted fans.

Since the army had moved them 27 times over a span of 30 years, Prit’s parents were done with traveling. Their joy consisted of spending time with family members and being heavily involved with their church family at Northwood Temple.

July 4th will be a day of remembrance for the Adams family for more reasons than one. Most of our readers know that on July 4, 2010, Prit suffered a brain aneurysm. Two days later, a second one almost took his life. With God’s help and the prayers of countless intercessors, he not only survived, but is still doing the work of the ministry today.

We salute you, P.G. and Lucy, for a life well lived.

13 thoughts on “July 4: A Day of Remembrance

  1. We pray for God’s spirit to be with your family at this time of loss for you and rejoicing for Lucy

  2. so sorry to hear the news and yet so happy for her! God bless the Adams family! so impressed witg johns work in haiti!!

  3. Prit, and Dana,

    Our hearts are saddened with the news, but we are over joyed that Lucy and Prit are united once againin Heaven. The short visits we did have with your parents we will cherish for a lifetime. They both were the real deal. They loved the Lord with ALL their hearts. We will miss them.

    In His Grip,

    Jerry and Judy Norris

  4. I remember the Adamses well. They were faithful servants of Christ. I’m grateful that they are together in Heaven, and I’ll see them when I get there!!! 😀

  5. Prit and Dana…..what a beautiful tribute to Pritchard and Lucy. I am so sorry to hear of Lucy passing. I have been out of town for a while and had a message from Mr. Bill Lewis when I returned informing me. She and Pritchard were so close, I am sure they are walking the “streets of gold”, pain free and smiling all the way……so happy to be reunited. I feel for you, the children, having lost both your parents in such a short span of time. May God Bless each of you and wrap you in His loving arms, guiding you as you make your way through this most difficult time. Praying for you and your families.

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