Life, Death & Easter

“Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” I Corinthians 15:55

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Prit and I have just spent two glorious weeks with Deb, Ben, and “Ti Sam” (Little Samuel). We’re so thankful for the time we had with this sweet family. I kissed my precious grandson one last time before we left yesterday morning to make the long drive back to Fayetteville. I know the next time we see him, he’ll look so different. Newborns change so quickly.

Sam has a voracious appetite and is going to grow quickly. Deb has done a wonderful job getting acclimated to motherhood and his proud Dad has gotten up all through the night to bottle-feed and change dirty diapers. Sam’s very fortunate to have such devoted parents who are thrilled that he has now entered the world.

Prit and I took advantage of the time to bake, cook, clean, sweep, mop, do laundry, drive Deb to the doctor and any other task that could help lighten the load for the new parents. Ben remarked, “We’ve never had this much food in our refrigerator!” Hopefully, the demands on their time will not be so overwhelming with food in the frig that can be heated without all the preparation.

I was not going to be the Grandma who was forever posting pictures of her grandchildren until people grew weary from overkill. Neither was I going to go on and on about every sigh and whimper that came from our new grand baby. But, I confess I’ve been ruined! Here are some more pictures of baby Sam. 🙂

When we arrived to Fayetteville yesterday, we drove straight to the rehabilitation center to see Prit’s mom. She became ill and was hospitalized the day after we left for West Virginia so we were anxious to see her. It’s now been just over a month since Prit’s dad went to be with the Lord. This has been a very hard ordeal for Lucy to lose her husband and to have been so sick afterwards. Your prayers are greatly coveted during this time and we sincerely thank all of you who have remembered Lucy and the family during this time of distress. Thank you for the phone cards, e-mails, and beautiful cards.

We have entered a new season. We are praying for new strength for Lucy’s body and mind as she faces it without her partner of sixty-one years. She knows she is greatly loved. Our return to Haiti has been delayed because of the many responsibilities that need to be taken care of here. We also ask for your sincere prayers that the responsibilities in Haiti can be managed from afar. Thankfully, John is still there and able to help take care of things in our place along with our trusted leaders.

As we approach this Easter weekend, we celebrate life in all its fullness. Remembering the one who traded his own for ours makes it all that more special. Having experienced the loss of a loved one so recently then welcoming a brand new member to our family, we rejoice to know that death is only temporary and life is forever.

Have a blessed Easter everyone!

5 thoughts on “Life, Death & Easter

  1. You always send such a great message Dana. And keep those pictures coming! love the one with you and ti Sam; I think being a grandmother is making you look younger. Also good to see Lucy receiving the flag of HONOR . Do you remember the Abel’s? Pearl and Andy. Andy had received 2/3 of his daughter Sarah’s liver just before Prit’s struggles here. Well, Sarah had her first baby this week, a boy, and called him Jackson Andrew Murray. Sounds positively presidential doesn’t it so now they have 4 grandchildren- 4 more than Andy ever thought he’d see. Richard and I are working through the reality of transitioning here, especially hard for Richard but we’re figuring it out. Corey and Erin came out of the gate like racehorses, implementing many changes to facilitate their more evangelistic vision. Venue church is growing , especially attracting young people and families. On Sunday afternoon we host something called ” Accelerate” in our home where Richard teaches the word on various issues. It’s fun, gives his teaching gift a platform and the young people love it. Being mom and dad in the church is helping stabilize things as Corey and Erin move ahead. The girls are growing up so fast!! I’ll send you some pics of them wit heir hair done up fancy by Erin’s mom when she was here for a visit. The. Korean girl in the pic is their exchange student. She loves being her and calls us grandma and grandpa so now we have 5 girls for sleepovers on Friday nights. May 15 we fly to Winnipeg to visit Ryan , Jodi and Liam and Seth for a week. They don’t drive to Alberta so much since they bought their home there in Winnipeg. Wow it’s been a loooong winter here, snowed yesterday again but my tulips are coming up and warm weather is ahead. Bye for now, love you both Sent from my iPad


    • Hey Beth, thank you for your kinds words. Yes, I remember Pearl. She’s my friend on Facebook. I’m so happy for them and their new addition. The Lord is so good. Thanks for updating us on the family. Sounds like you guys are busy as usual. Have a wonderful time in Winnipeg. We’re enjoying beautiful weather here in N.C. We’d love to get down to the beach, but there’s too much to be done here in Fayetteville at present. Give everyone our love. Love, Dana

  2. congrats to new grandparents and the new mom and dad. Praying for all of you and rest of famcily. Couldn’t open pictures. Not good. Love you Janice

    • I’m sorry, Janice. You have to download the Java Script to your computer. Otherwise, you can just type into your Google page and it will pull up the website. There, the pics can be seen.

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