Congratulations Ben & Deb!

samSamuel Rórdán Reuel Edelen has finally arrived! That’s quite a name for such a small bundle of happiness. Prit and I are thrilled and thankful that we could be here for the happy occasion. I even had the privilege of being in on the birth. Samuel was born on April 7 and weighed in at 8 lbs. 5 oz. Both mother and baby are fine and they get to go home tomorrow.

Our stay here in West Virginia is coming to a close all too quickly, as we have to return to Fayetteville on Friday to take care of other matters. Thanks so much to everyone who remembered us in your prayers. God is so good!

6 thoughts on “Congratulations Ben & Deb!

  1. Wow He’s GORGEOUS and such a wise looking little guy. Pretty big baby for first one; glad Deb’s doing well. Do the middle names have Spanish connections? Anyway congratulations to all of you. The next few days will be precious. Lots of love, Richard and Beth

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  2. What a precious and beautiful little guy!!! We know you’ll never be the same again! Ask us how we know!! LOL!

    Eldon & Donna

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  3. He is already adorable and has Deb’s eyes! Congrats Gramma and Grampa o….or whatever you choose to call yourselves….and happy baby to mom and dad. What a blessing.

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