We want to thank all of you who responded to my last update concerning Prit’s mom. Lucy has been moved from the hospital where she has been since Thanksgiving. She is now in a rehab center not far from their home.

We continue to ask your prayers for her. Please pray the Lord will: 1) help her regain her strength, 2) develop an appetite, and 3) return home soon. We are quickly moving towards Christmas and we’re sure there is nowhere she would be rather be for the holidays except in her own home.

Kitchen Renovation Project

I have wonderful news! Due to the kindness of many friends, we have managed to raise $1,200 towards our $1,500 goal for the renovation of our kitchen. Many, many thanks to those of you that generously gave to help move us closer to our dream. If you would like to help us reach the finish line, we would be more than happy to receive your help.

1 thought on “Updates

  1. So happy to hear she is better, I pray she will be home before long. Sorry I am late but I mailed you a check for $200.00 to put on your kitchen today.

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