Planting into the Future

IMG_0592A few days ago, we planted into the future. Five lime trees and one orange tree will someday yield much fruit for us and the generations to come. Although it’s predicted to take anywhere around three years for the trees to reach maturity, I’m already excited over the fact that one day we will not have to buy oranges or limes from the marchĂ©. Feeding the three of us, four workers, and often extras who show up at mealtime, we value every penny that can be saved.

I wonder if God rejoices over us this way, over what we will become with his careful attention and oversight. He teaches us through creation. Careful pruning, patience, and time — lots of time — will one day yield precious fruit. With the right amount of rainfall and sunlight and so many other details that have to work together for the trees to grow, they should reach maturity. Junior, my agronomist friend who planted the trees, gave me a lengthy dissertation on the effect of photosynthesis on plants, the perfect placement of each that would guarantee the best reception of both sunlight and shade. He truly loves his work. God loves his work, too.

Many of you have sown into Rehoboth Ministries. Thank you for taking the time to plant into the future and the generations to come!

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