God’s Redemptive Purposes

040611_2011_CHOOSELIFET1A fellow missionary, Bill Moxon, preached a powerful message of forgiveness this morning. He and his wife, Darla, had their home broken into, not once, but twice several years ago. The gang took Darla’s wedding ring, stole all their money, and stole a vehicle from their yard (twice). Bill & Darla both suffered at the hands of the zenglendo (gang’s) hands & were severely traumatized. They and their three little girls returned to the States for a period of years, totally broken and disheartened, and yet God called them back to Haiti, to the very same place where they had previously served and were mistreated.

Our people were deeply moved as Bill opened his heart and shared the hurts that he and Darla had suffered at the hands of the Haitian people. Then they heard about redemptive grace and the road of forgiveness. As the Moxons obediently heeded God’s call to return to Haiti, they discovered that the road to forgiveness turned into the highway to healing and wholeness.

Bill and Darla are special friends. We are truly privileged to know them, for their lives are marked by humility and selflessness. Their testimony has been told over and over in the churches here in Haiti and God is using their message in a very profound way. God can take our sufferings and use them for his redemptive purposes.

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