Prit’s Mom Hospitalized Again

IMG_1891Dear Friends and Supporters,

Prit’s mom (Lucy) has been hospitalized again and is presently in Pinehurst, N.C. Lucy has been fighting the good fight of faith to regain her health for several months now. This past summer, she was in and out of the hospital three different times. We are here in Haiti and are unable to be by her bedside at the moment. Prit’s sister, Mary and her husband, Bill, have been with them since Thanksgiving. But, we know there is no distance in prayer. Therefore, we covet your prayers at this time. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Prit’s Mom Hospitalized Again

  1. Eldon and I speak life and healing for Prit’s mom, in Jesus’ name!

    Have a blessed Christmas. We love you and wish we could see you!

    Please note: message attached

    • Thank you, Donna. We would love to see you guys too. Anytime you guys can come to Cap, you’re welcome to stay with us & minister.

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