Waiting for the Rain

images-1“They waited for me as for showers and drank in my words as the spring rain.” Job 29:23

One cold shower and two tall glasses of ice water later and I am finally beginning to cool down. I’ve changed into the paper-thin African robe that was a gift from a friend and moved out to the porch. Looking towards the distance, I was sure I saw rain falling on the mountain. John saw it too, so I know I’m not hallucinating because of the heat. Maybe, oh maybe, it’ll rain tonight.

Friday, we returned to Cap-Haitian to discover that rain had not fallen in our area since May and we’ve been praying for rain ever since. Last night, I heard thunder in the distance and we were sure a downpour was on the way, but… still no rain. The odd fact in all of this is that this IS the rainy season in Haiti. The plantain bushes that Cola (our guard) planted before we left in May are all dried up.

I greeted our church members yesterday morning and told them I had written friends abroad and asked them to pray. Now I’m asking you too. In spite of the stifling heat in the church, they all sat patiently and listened as Prit preached the Word. They were just glad to have their pastor back and thrilled that John had returned with us as well. In spite of dwelling in a dry and thirsty land, perhaps they have a good handle on the verse above.

Sometimes, we wait for answers to prayer in the same way we long for the rain to come and cool us off. Often, it seems our longings will never be fulfilled and we grow weary from the heat and pressure of the seemingly interminable season that we’re in. Nevertheless, we find assurance from Job that the Lord knows those who wait for him and he longs to rain on us. May the Lord bring you rain, both natural and spiritual!

I also hope that the next time I post an update, it will be with the news that the gentle rain has fallen and that the rain of his Spirit has come down to refresh us all as well.

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