Enon Chapel: Old in Years, Young at Heart


In just 10 days, Enon Chapel (Jacksonville, North Carolina) will turn 141 years old! Yet, in spite of being along in years, it is nowhere near slowing down. Prit and I had the privilege of sharing with the Enon folks a couple of Sundays ago about the work in Haiti and were very warmly received. My first description of Enon would be that of joy. Sunday morning worship is lively and there’s a rejoicing that takes place every time this tight knit community comes together. Even though the congregation must have had at least 200 people present when we were there, a family atmosphere still prevailed. Enon church members love the Lord, their pastors, and their church. They are excited about the Lord’s work and are as strong as ever.

Pastor James and Becky Kelley have been at the helm of Enon since June 3, 1986, and are doing a phenomenal job of keeping the church balanced and running on all cylinders. Enon is busy serving the community in multiple ways. Whether visiting nursing homes, assisting local agencies by providing food and doing home repair, or rummaging up school supplies for the local schools, Enon is buzzing with activity. In addition to their own ministries, they help support other outreaches such as the Onslow Pregnancy Center, Second Chance and Kairos Prison Ministry. They are striving to touch every facet of life with vital contact.

As if they didn’t have their hands full, Enon Chapel serves as a bulwark to the families of Marines that leave home to protect our country. Jacksonville is home to the Marine Corp Base at Camp Lejeune. It is the world’s largest amphibious training base as well as home to the 2nd Marine Division. There are approximately 150,000 Marines and Civilian workers that work on Camp Lejeune. Pastor Kelly and the church family gather around the precious families of the men serving abroad and provide them with moral strength as they wait for their loved ones to return home safely.

Fortunately, for us and other missionaries serving on the foreign field, Enon looks beyond the world just outside their door. They are presently supporting several missionaries who are laboring to advance God’s Kingdom in the earth. We are so thankful Enon Chapel is partnering with Rehoboth Ministries to fulfill the Great Commission in Haiti.

I encourage you to visit Enon’s website. You will see that the dust doesn’t have time to gather on this church’s pews. Also, it’s the only way you can discover the strange connection between Enon Chapel and pink flamingos. 🙂

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