Good to the Last Bite!

1004624_371519009637864_191970091_nIt’s that time again, folks! School will be open again before we know it and we hope to be able to provide many hot meals for our students when they come. We are asking everyone who is able to join in and help us raise the needed funds for our children’s feeding program. Just $40 will feed a child two hot meals per week for an entire school year. It can’t get any easier than that.

One pastor told us “As long as you have a feeding program, our church will help support it.” Check out the update concerning Jennifer Steimel who will donate half her proceeds from selling jewelry to help us feed hungry kids. All we need are some ladies that will host a jewelry party. (see link: For Ladies Only!) Jennifer wrote me recently to say, “I’m ready to feed some kids!” Perhaps you know of a restaurant, school or another organization that would be willing to have a drive or a fundraiser to help us meet our goal?

This is my absolute, all-time favorite picture of our kids during mealtime. Even though the picture’s a little fuzzy, it still speaks a thousand words. The little girl with the braided hair looks like one of the characters from The Little Rascals. (Now, I’m revealing my age). Justin, Pastor Lefort’s son, (to her right) always knows how to look right into the camera. He is as adorable as he looks. The little boy beside him is too busy enjoying his meal to even care. Priceless!

We have a long way to go. Can you help?

Goal: $53,000
Amount Raised: $6,555.95
Cost per month: $5,300
Feeds: 1,300 students, teachers, cooks and workers, twice a week

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