Bumps in the Road

BumpAs our vacation is winding down here in the States, we have been busy working to get things up and running for our return to Haiti. Here are just a couple of things we have had to deal with over the last few days.

1) Getting electricity restored to the compound

Prit sent a bank transfer down to Haiti so that Pastor Lefort could pay the power company (EDH) a portion of what we owe. This was in order to get the electricity hooked back up to the compound. After paying them the money, Pastor Lefort then was required to go to town every day and argue with the workers at EDH to come connect the wires. Finally, it required a little more money and coercion to get it done.

2) While going to town every day and dealing with this matter, Pastor Lefort was stopped by a policeman. His registration sticker was out-of-date. Instead of giving him a ticket requiring him to update his sticker, the police impounded his car.

I’ve often described life in Haiti as a juggling act. There are always several things going on at once and the majority of them always require money. We had also sent money for the little mission house next to ours to be renovated little by little. We have teams coming down this year, plus John is returning with us. They’ll all need a place to stay.

After learning of Pastor Lefort’s predicament with his car, we had to shift gears. We immediately wrote him and said, “Go ahead and take part of the money designated for the renovation and get your car out!” Otherwise,  every day there’d be a fee to keep it in.

So, the fun has already begun! Oh yes, and Pastor Lefort will have to travel to Ft. Liberté (a city two hours away) to pay the fee to get his car out of the pound in Cap-Haitian because it’s cheaper that way. (Who knows why?)

Please pray for Pastor Lefort. He is such a blessing to us and never hesitates to do what we ask of him. There is no one more dependable than him. When we moved from Bel-Air to the compound, he made at least 8 trips back and forth hauling all our stuff to our new home. He never asked for anything in return. Pray he can get his car returned to him quickly.

4 thoughts on “Bumps in the Road

  1. I sure will be praying for you all. There are bumps in the road as we try to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. But GOD will always provide a way for us.

    Michelle Farnell

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