Winding Down

Prayers for John
downloadPrit and I have had a great summer. August is already here and we are beginning to wind down and set our sights toward returning to Haiti around the end of the month. As we’ve shared, this year will be a milestone. Our son, John, will be returning with us. We believe John’s presence is going to be a tremendous encouragement and strength to us in more ways than we can count. It will be a time of refreshing for us just to have our son on the mission field with us, but it will be much more than that. John will be able to add another perspective plus foresight and innovative ideas of his own. His knowledge of technology is greater than ours, so we already have plans for him to help us in this area. The Bible school teachers are eagerly looking forward to having him help them carry part of their workload.
Just the mention of John returning to Haiti was like a breath of life to our church members. They are overjoyed to know that he is returning to the land of his birth. We ask your prayers for John as he gets ready to make this leap of faith. It’s going to be a very busy year for him. He has almost raised all of his support and this is one confirmation to him that he is on the right track.
We ask your prayers for …
  • his health: protection from overwork and sickness
  • his course load: fluency in Haitian Creole and French, rapport with the students, insight into the courses he’ll teach and an anointing to make them relevant to the students
  • a vehicle (he can use our Trooper, but there will be times our schedules will conflict)
  • him to be a catalyst for our youth
  • a flexibility and wisdom in all his affairs
  • anything else that comes to your minds!
Don’t forget to check out his website to learn more about John’s plans.
There’s still time!
clock2So far, we have one Sunday scheduled this month for ministry. (Aug. 18) There’s still time if you’d like for us to come and share with your church, Bible study group, or men and women’s group.  We never tire of telling all the wonderful things the Lord has done, and continues to do, through Rehoboth Ministries. Whether it’s a Sunday morning or during the week, we would love to come and share with you.
Contact us:
(910) 495-6921
(910) 703-3098

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