Project #4: School Lunch Program


Project #4 is our school lunch program. This one’s very close to our hearts. Rehoboth Ministries is presently serving over 1,300 students, staff, and cooks two hot meals a week. To say this s-t-re-t-c-h-e-s our faith to the limit is an understatement! The picture to the left is of the students at our largest school in Petite-Anse. This does not include the other two schools in Belle Hôtesse and Sainte-Philomène. The school in this picture has around 1,000 students, so this gives you an idea of the size of the task we have undertaken. It’s a God-sized vision!

The burden to restore the feeding program was initiated at Faith Temple Church in Alexander City, Alabama, which is overseen by MFI Pastors Dick and Sandra Stark. When the members of their congregation learned that we had children coming to school hungry and that some of them even fainted from hunger in class, they determined to do something to help alleviate the suffering. The church began to send offerings every month to help and still continues to do so. Even their Kids Alive group got involved and started raising money for the Haitian school kids.

Since then, other partners have joined the effort and are sending monthly pledges to help as well.We have been able to maintain the feeding program for two years. However, due to rising cost of food in Haiti, the prices in the marché (public market) have skyrocketed. It is now costing just over $5,000 a month to keep things going. Due to other vital needs such as construction projects, salaries for the teachers for all three schools, as well as the teachers in our Bible institute, it is tempting to look the other way and abandon this project. However, we truly believe the Lord laid this burden on the hearts of the wonderful folks at Faith Temple and that His heart is toward the pitiful cries of these children.

We cannot do this alone. We need your help. If you are not already doing so, would you make a monthly pledge to help keep this program operating? We continually remind the Lord in prayer that he fed the Israelites a meal EVERY DAY in the desert. We are trusting him to mobilize people of great faith to help us feed these precious children TODAY. Will you make a difference in a child’s life?

If you choose to partner with us, there is a beautiful scripture tucked away in Proverbs 22:9 that’s just for you:

“Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor.”

Will you help?

Celebration Day

Haitian-motherToday is Celebration Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all those beautiful, strong mothers in Haiti. Your life is a hard one, yet you never give up. Your love and your service to your families are unparalleled.

jpgWe salute all our veterans today – past and present. It is Memorial Day and we humbly thank you for defending our country and working to keep us safe.

goal_10000Many, many thanks to all of you that put your hand to the plow in helping us meet our $10,000 church construction challenge. We have met our goal early and now have a little over $20,000 raised for this project! We couldn’t have done it without your help.

For those that did not have a chance to give, you can still get in the game. The total estimate for the cost of the building is $150,000. We still need your help!

God’s Mysterious Ways

118833913A few nights ago, I received an e-mail with a document attached to it. My eyes widened and an indescribable feeling came over me when I realized what the document contained. The title read, “Dans La Tempête” (Into the Storm). It was a version of my book translated into French.

A little over a year ago, a mission team from Montreal came to spend a week with us in Cap-Haitian. We thoroughly enjoyed their visit. Once, while we were all visiting together, I mentioned to the head elder responsible for the group that I would love to get my book translated into French. Robert Gadbois told me of a friend of his, Linda Sheldrick, who knew both French and English and he believed that Linda would be willing to take a look at the book. Linda’s daughter, Marjolaine, also came with the team.

Long story short, Linda agreed to translate the book on one condition: that there be no time limit on it. I concurred and she went to work around July of 2012. Months went by and I didn’t hear from her. Having our hands full with the work of the ministry, I felt that she would send it in good time. Finally, when I saw the French version staring back at me on my computer screen, I must admit I felt lightheaded!

The Lord indeed works in mysterious ways! A total stranger spent close to 10 months laboring over my book translation, expecting nothing in return. I now ask your prayers for the doors to open in order for the book to be published, plus have a platform in the French speaking world. I know that the Lord can complete what He started!

By the way….I have plenty of copies here in English if anyone is interested in purchasing some. I will be happy to send them to you. They’re $10 a copy.

Summer Plans and Other Things

Summer-Plans-for-KidsSummer Schedule

Our summer schedule is beginning to shape up. Click here to see where we will be. If we’re in your area, come see us! If you would like for us to come minister to your church, home group, men or women’s meetings, prayer service or whatever, let us know!

Prit’s Mom

We are so thankful for the many prayers that have been offered up in behalf of Prit’s mom, Lucy. Lucy has been regaining her strength and went to church for the first time on Sunday since she became ill. She is making a remarkable recovery. We know this is due to the powerful prayers of the saints.

Remembering the Hurting

Prit and I see suffering on a daily basis in Haiti. We feel the weight of other people’s needs regularly. Whether it’s hungry children, sick people who can’t afford a doctor, or parents who just don’t have the money to send their children to school, Rehoboth Ministries is there to make a difference in hurting lives.

Because of this, our hearts are attuned to those who are suffering in Texas and Oklahoma today as a result of the deadly twisters that have hit those areas. We ask you to please remember those that have lost homes, family members, and whose lives were drastically changed in an instant by untold destruction and devastation.

Will you join us today in remembering them in your earnest prayers and allow God to use you to make a difference in their lives by giving?

Deadline: June 1!

779hourglassJust a note concerning Project #1 for all you readers who are interested.

We have exactly 2 weeks to meet our challenge of raising $10,000 towards our church construction fund. If we can raise $10,000 by June 1, an anonymous supporter of Rehoboth Ministries will match our funds with another $10,000. This would give us a $20,000 boost towards our goal of $150,000!

Presently, we have $1,600 in our account which leaves a sum of $8,400.

Can you help? No gift is too small. Or, perhaps you know someone else who would like to help.

You can write a check to:

Pritchard & Dana Adams
333 Hilliard Drive
Fayetteville, N.C. 28311

or simply click the “PayPal” button to the right to give online.

Project #3 (Cont.)

Dear Readers,

We have received the rest of the estimations for the continued work in the little mission house. The bathroom is almost completed. We just lack the sink and the door (which have already been provided for by some very generous supporters.) The two adjoining bedrooms need many reparations. The electric outlets in the larger room need to be removed and a light fixture placed above. There is no ceiling. One can see the tin roof as it is. Therefore, a wooden ceiling has to be placed in both rooms, as it was in the bathroom. Tile needs to be laid in both rooms and then the rooms need to be painted. The total below reflects all the materials needed for both rooms, transportation for hauling cement, tile, painting, 2 ceiling fans, as well as the labor. $2,000.

These rooms will serve as guest rooms for teams that are coming in the fall as well as for our son, John, to have a place to lay his head.

We thank you for anything that you can do to help move the work along!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Rehoboth Ministries would like to wish all the wonderful mothers that make our lives so much brighter a “Happy Mother’s Day.”

We celebrated Mother’s Day with Prit’s whole family. His mother returned home from rehab two days ago. She has made marvelous progress in gaining strength and a good appetite. She is still in need of your prayers in order to be restored fully, but we are greatly encouraged by her progress.

Prit’s sister (Mary Hunter) stayed home with Lucy while the rest of us went to church and out to eat afterwards. Prit’s dad brought her back a large piece of cheesecake which she enjoyed thoroughly.

Thanks again to all of you that have been praying for Lucy. The Lord has truly been faithful to those prayers.

Update on Lucy Adams

Eveningprayers1Dear Readers,

Prit’s mom (Lucy) will be discharged from the rehab center tomorrow morning. She has made remarkable progress and is definitely ready to come home. She has regained much of her strength, as well as additional weight. The physical therapists have had her up and walking every day. In fact, one of the nurses that were walking with her told her, “Slow down. You’re going too fast!”

We do not yet have all the results from the many x-rays that were taken while she was in Cape Fear Hospital. We were disappointed that there was no doctor present to review her records with her. She is scheduled for a checkup later, however, and we are greatly encouraged that she will continue to get stronger and stronger. At this point, she still tires easily and will have to rebuild her stamina.

The whole family wishes to sincerely thank all of you that were praying for Lucy during this terrible ordeal. God truly answers prayer!

Project #3

2013-03-23 21.20.47The bathroom for the small mission house has practically been completed. All we lack is a door!

We do not yet have all the estimates for the adjoining bedrooms. The smaller room will be for John’s use when he returns to Haiti at the end of August to work with Rehoboth Ministries. The larger bedroom will house teams that plan to come in the fall. We have at least 3 teams that have indicated that they would like to come to Haiti as well as individuals and couples. Because of this, we truly need to get these bedrooms prepared to receive them. We have bunkbeds that we can place in the larger room.

2013-03-23 21.20.59The mission house where we are currently living was originally meant to house teams, but we are now living there due to unforeseen circumstances.

Estimation for laying tile:

Smaller room: $340.00

Larger room:   $560.00

Total: $900.00

*Note: This includes the purchase of all the material, transportation for hauling the materials, and labor.

Project #2

2013-03-11 22.59.45




Project #2 involves the renovation of the smaller mission house located next to the house in which we presently live. There are two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a combination kitchen/living room area. John will live in one of the rooms and the larger room will be prepared for incoming teams.

We are almost finished with the bathroom. All we lack is a sink (which a supporter has already volunteered to purchase) and a door. We have a great team here that has done a phenomenal job and we would love to keep them working!

Here are pictures of the transformation that took place. I will send pictures of the bedrooms tomorrow. If anyone would like to purchase the door, it will cost $500 Haitian which is equivalent to $62.00 US.