Project #3 (Cont.)

Dear Readers,

We have received the rest of the estimations for the continued work in the little mission house. The bathroom is almost completed. We just lack the sink and the door (which have already been provided for by some very generous supporters.) The two adjoining bedrooms need many reparations. The electric outlets in the larger room need to be removed and a light fixture placed above. There is no ceiling. One can see the tin roof as it is. Therefore, a wooden ceiling has to be placed in both rooms, as it was in the bathroom. Tile needs to be laid in both rooms and then the rooms need to be painted. The total below reflects all the materials needed for both rooms, transportation for hauling cement, tile, painting, 2 ceiling fans, as well as the labor. $2,000.

These rooms will serve as guest rooms for teams that are coming in the fall as well as for our son, John, to have a place to lay his head.

We thank you for anything that you can do to help move the work along!

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