Project #3

2013-03-23 21.20.47The bathroom for the small mission house has practically been completed. All we lack is a door!

We do not yet have all the estimates for the adjoining bedrooms. The smaller room will be for John’s use when he returns to Haiti at the end of August to work with Rehoboth Ministries. The larger bedroom will house teams that plan to come in the fall. We have at least 3 teams that have indicated that they would like to come to Haiti as well as individuals and couples. Because of this, we truly need to get these bedrooms prepared to receive them. We have bunkbeds that we can place in the larger room.

2013-03-23 21.20.59The mission house where we are currently living was originally meant to house teams, but we are now living there due to unforeseen circumstances.

Estimation for laying tile:

Smaller room: $340.00

Larger room:   $560.00

Total: $900.00

*Note: This includes the purchase of all the material, transportation for hauling the materials, and labor.

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