Update on Lucy Adams

Eveningprayers1Dear Readers,

Prit’s mom (Lucy) will be discharged from the rehab center tomorrow morning. She has made remarkable progress and is definitely ready to come home. She has regained much of her strength, as well as additional weight. The physical therapists have had her up and walking every day. In fact, one of the nurses that were walking with her told her, “Slow down. You’re going too fast!”

We do not yet have all the results from the many x-rays that were taken while she was in Cape Fear Hospital. We were disappointed that there was no doctor present to review her records with her. She is scheduled for a checkup later, however, and we are greatly encouraged that she will continue to get stronger and stronger. At this point, she still tires easily and will have to rebuild her stamina.

The whole family wishes to sincerely thank all of you that were praying for Lucy during this terrible ordeal. God truly answers prayer!

3 thoughts on “Update on Lucy Adams

  1. Pritchard and Dana,

    This is great news about Lucy!! Praise God! Eldon and I have been praying for her complete recovery.

    Are you two in N.C. at this time?

    We love you,


    Please note: message attached

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you so much for your prayers for Lucy. She came home today! The Lord certainly intervened through everyone’s prayers, for she was one sick lady! Yes, we are in NC & will be here ’til around the third week of August. If you come through Fayetteville, let us know. Would love to see you!

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