Project #1: $10,000 Challenge

In yesterday’s post, we mentioned that we have a series of projects that we are in the process of completing or that we hope to undertake very soon.

Project #1: $10,000 Challenge

IMG_0313As mentioned before, we have an anonymous supporter who has launched a challenge for us. If we can raise $10,000 for our church construction fund, our supporter will match the funds with another $10,000 offering. This will give us $20,000 headstart!

June 1 is the deadline for raising the needed funds. Therefore, this makes the $10,000 challenge our most urgent project. Presently, we have $1,400 that has been raised. We have 35 days to raise $8,600!

These funds would help us complete the building needed for our long-awaited church in Petite-Anse. Our total goal for the completed project is $150,000. Can you help? Perhaps you know of a church or group that is looking for a mission project to support.

On our twenty-third anniversary (February 4, 2013), our church members moved out in faith to have our services on the new foundation. They borrowed tarps from their neighbors, moved the sound system, benches, and pulpit to the new property as a huge surprise for us. They have had all-night prayer vigils and given generously over the years, from the little income they make, to help make this dream a reality.


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