On the Move!

inspiring_motion_blurred_640_09Rehoboth Ministries is on the move! We have ongoing and upcoming projects that will help facilitate a smoother running of the work here. We thought you might like to get in on the action and help us pray these projects into reality. If one of these needs should tug at your heartstrings, then would you help us by sowing a seed and sharing in the fruit of our labor?

It’s a busy time in the Kingdom of God! We’re doing everything from renovating to fundraising, feeding the hungry to planting gardens, as well as helping people start their own businesses and training up musicians. Oh, did we mention we’re educating the next generation and raising up sons and daughters for the Kingdom?

If you want to become part of a God-sized vision, then this is the place! We will be doing a series of posts about the projects we’re tackling and invite you to join us in the adventure. Project 1 – coming up tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “On the Move!

  1. Dana, I have been enjoying your post very much. The said one about Bro Enoch brought a tear to my eye. Seeing the work on the new living space brings a smile….. I pray for you and your ministry and think, I need to send money, or a shower curtain! So, let me encourage you to put the mailing address for checks and the shipping though Agape Flights at the bottom of the posts from time to time…it will help people like me that want to give, but don’t want to go look for the address….(I know, my bad….just speaking the truth). Hope to visit again someday and stay in that very nice place you are preparing. Love to you, Prit and the church! Kathy Fitzpatrick

    • Hey Kathy,

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words. So glad you’re enjoying the posts. That’s excellent advice about including the address info, etc. You will certainly be welcome to stay there next time you come (if it’s ready by then, of course). 🙂

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