Prayer for Prit’s Mom

Man_Kneeling_In_Prayer_SilhouetteDear Readers,

We are requesting prayer for Lucy Adams (Prit’s mom). We realize that some of you are not on Facebook and you’ve not seen the reports. Lucy entered Cape Fear Valley Hospital in Fayetteville, NC, this past weekend. She was extremely weak, had lost several pounds, and the doctors discovered fluid around her heart. We are still waiting for the results of all the tests and staying in communication with Prit’s sister, Mary Hunter.

On May 1st, we are due to leave Haiti. Since we are not yet in Fayetteville, we ask your earnest prayers for Lucy, as she is still very weak. Hopefully, by the end of the day, we can have a better idea of what we are facing.

Thank you for your prayers and we will keep you updated.

6 thoughts on “Prayer for Prit’s Mom

    • Have been praying ever since I heard she is sick. She has been a true prayer warrior for me (and anyone else that needed prayers). We all love and appreciate her so much. Our prayers are with ll of you.

      • Thank you, Virtie! Yes, she has prayed for many and I believe the Lord will not forget that. They’ve been doing tests all week, so we’re waiting for all the results.

  1. Dana, could you give us an update on Prit’s mom? Love ya and God Bless… Pastor “K”

    Pastor “K” Pastorial Care Pastor The Lord’s Table Church E-Mail: Phone: 919-751-8188 Fax: 919-751-8838

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